MIT Shotgun vs Magnum

Hi I currently have demo of Shotgun S2 XLR cable. To my surprise it was a massive step in wrong direction. The sound become thin, robbed of harmonics and with no body. Top end is accentuated and not differential.
Do you think Magnum will solve those problems? Or should I quit MIT?
They have more then a weak of break in on them.
I have a pair of Shotgun S3 rca's and the sound you are hearing is the exact opposite of what I hear. They sometimes have too much body for me. Bizarre!
I have gone through the entire line of MIT IC and speaker cables (Shotgun to Oracle 2.1 then to 1.1). I have felt the same as you. For the first 20 mins of listening I love the new cables but, for the next month I hate them.

The break in time is very long. As you go up the line the time is longer! My Oracle 1.1 IC's and Speaker cables are still breaking in after 5 weeks of constant play time. One night you can't believe how great they are then the next day - crap.I would advise you to wait it out and run a signal through them 24/7 if you can. It is worth the wait if you can tolarate the love/hate realtionship with you system. You will notice that the lows will smooth out and the highs get much better and extend to a nice sparkle.

Be patient - MIT really does make the best cables. Make sure you have the impeadance setting in the right spot too!

I own and truly enjoy my MIT's. I agree that break-in time really does matter. However, I'd also suggest that system synergies are important and it doesn't appear that any one brand of cable is ideal for all systems. Give it some more time. Talk to the MIT rep if you still can't find the magic (maybe you got some bum cables -- does one channel sound better than the other?). If all else fails, continue your quest with another product. You might get some good recommendations if you post your system.
I agree with the above posters. MIT cables do require a long burn in time. One week is nothing. The difference once they are burned in is night and day and will sound like a different cable than what you are hearing now. The same thing happened with my Oracle v1's. Be patient and give them a fair shot. They are fantastic cables.
----> Ozfly
Both chanels sound the same to me.

----> Janikian
Since you went thru all mit IC's what is your opinion about Magnum compared to Shotgun? Is there a big difference between M1, M2, M3?

I have the MIT s3 interconnect and speaker cable, and was wondering what happens to the wire during the break in period to change the sound? I am sure that the wires resistance or q faCTOR Dosent change, so what is different? Is it because of the long break in required now makes your new cables USED?
My experience regarding the long breakin time of MIT cables echos the aforementioned; I also agree that they are fantastic when correctly applied (ie: synergy is everything) so a superior sounding cable in one rig may yield far inferior results in another rig. Oz suggests talking with the MIT rep. In this situation, in order to verify correct application (do you have the correct model-cable *impedance range*? by all means contact our resident MIT expert Joe Abramsfor a straight-up no BS consultation; you'll be glad you did.
This story has to have an end. Well I guess the cable did improve in time. One day a week ago I found that sound is very different to what I thought before. It become plesant with better bass. I still feel the top-end need to be more open but it is way better to what I had in unbroken cable. Overall sound got more body with break-in time. So I was wrong thinking one week is all I need to have it broken-in.