MIT Shotgun S1 and S3 Ok To Match

I have Shotgun s3 going from pre to amp.Is there a benefit adding a s2 from cdp to pre as currently have a cheap cable installed there.Or should I get another S3 and keep everything in the chain the same.Thanks
Normally, I've found you can step down ... perhaps... those cables downstream with better results than you can upstream.

if you choose to stay with the MIT line up, I'd increase the level of cabling performance upstream... like an S2, S1, or M3, etc. or go entirely different cabling upstream.

I'd recommend whichever path is taken the upstream cabling surpass that of the downstream ones or be on par with them at least.

'Course, we're making a stew here so maybe some other cable flavor is required as a source IC.

I've had very good results and could have lived easily with a mag1 on source, and S1 as main ic... but chose not to.

I personally like what the Magnum line does on sources. past that i prefer another sort altogether.