MIT Shotgun Question.

I have shotgun S3 from cdp (rotel 1072)to rotel pre 1069(in bypass mode) to rotel 1075 amp.The setting from cdp to pre is set at high as pre input sensitivity is 100kohm.The setting in shotgun S3 is set at low for pre to amp as amp is 33kohm.
Does anyone using Mit interconnects stay with the recommended settings?Reason I ask is when I set the IC going from pre to amp everything is very clean and crisp but lacks in musicality and is very cold sounding.There is just no smoothness to the music.But if I set the IC to medium from pre to amp the sound stage opens up and though there is a slight loss of clarity everything sounds more rounded.smooth and open.
Could the specs on my amp be wrong?This is not just with music from cdp but with all sources.Tv,dvd,bluray.Any thoughts from MIT users would be appreciated.Thanks.
No need to reply as I am selling them .
Well, You'll be sorry in the long run. Problem is, your MITs are far superior to your amp and preamp. Your MITs are letting you really hear your preamp and amp.
I agree with Philefreak. Also are the cables broken in. They take at least two weeks.
I noted that you only have 100 hours on the cables, which is not nearly enough time for them to have fully burned in. I can tell you from personal experience that MIT cables sound wrong before they burn in. Therefore, you are doing yourself a great disservice by letting them go before giving them a chance.
You know I am going on the 2/2 break in period.2 days per MIT and they are 75% broken in.2 weeks fully broken in.Well 75% is absolutely terrible.What I do not understand is why at the setting they should be set they are terrible.But out of the box they sound very good at the wrong setting.Hell my old Monster IC's sound better than these.There comes a point in time where enough is enough as I have been buying and selling cables now for over a month and still am right back where I started from.
When I first started this journey I called the cable company and asked for a recommendation on some IC's in the 150 to 100 dollar range and they suggested a 250 dollar cable and now I am spending in the 300 dollar range per IC and it is just time to let well enough alone.
Maybe my gear is just not high end enough for exotic cables that you plug into the wall or have switch boxes on them.Got to say though that they sure look nice but just do not do my system any justice.Thanks for the reply's.
"I have been buying and selling cables now for over a month and still am right back where I started from."

Yes, so I read. You are trying to rush what cannot be rushed. Slow down, live with a set of cables for awhile. Patience is truly a virtue in this hobby.
Ok ..Point well taken.I am going to cancel my selling of these IC's and do a full burn in on them.Only because of what is suggested here.So I have over 200 more hours more to put on them and then will give a critical listen and will post my results.Thanks.
One last thing.Can I use barrel connectors and chain multiple IC's for burn in.Thanks

I owned 2 pairs of MIT S3 and an 8ft pair of Bi-wire S3 cables as but found the midrange was too forward and edgy.So, the first thing I done was to audition a new speaker wire, which I tried a biwire pair of MI2 Goertz and heard thing I've never heard with the MIT's and the edgy forward sound was gone and a very detailed with precise imaging and staging was almost lifelike. So I replaced the RCA with AQ Columbia and the same thing happened so I sold the MIT and returned the AQ and bought 2 pairs Dynamic Design MK2 IC and a 8ft pair of Bi-wire cable and man did my system change tremendously. My speakers really came to life, with the sounstage imerging from a blacker back ground. Imaging and depth is beyond the borders of the speakers and the speakers are totally invisible. Try as many cables as can and buy what sound right in your system. Give DD cables a try and see what you've been missing, the music.

I have owned many Mit cables over the years. Edgy midrange? No way.
I believe the cables have revealed a problem not related to the cable.
Just my opinion. Obviously Mit sells a boatload of cables.and I think that
if the midrange was edgy they wouldn't sell.
"Can I use barrel connectors and chain multiple IC's for burn in."

I've never considered that before. It may be ok with some cables, but I would not recommend trying that with the MIT's. However, you can always call MIT to get their opinion.

"the midrange was too forward and edgy."

I have to agree with Drjoe, no way.
I called Joe Abrams who I bought the IC's from and who is a MIT Dealer and he said no that it is not recommended to use barrel connectors and chain them together.He told me I needed to put them where they are going to stay and break them in that way.So that is what I am doing.We had a long discussion on the IC's and I feel more relaxed about this whole thing now.
I am running the IC's in from the time I get off work and all night at low volume and am shutting it down when I go to work.So essentially they are getting 14 hours of break in per day.And I am not doing any critical listing and will not till around the 350 recommended break in.
If they are interconnects just hook them up to a tuner or a cable bos output on one end and into your preamp at the other end.
You can turn off the Amp and let them run continuosly.

Better yet use a Audiodharma cable cooker. I have one that if you pay for return shipping, I would cable cook them for about 3-4 days.
Good deal. Joe knows what he's talking about.

Do not use a cable cooker with MIT cables.
I've used MIT cables exclusively since 1996 and thought they were the best cable until I heard the Goertz MI2 and my new DD cables. The only way I can explain it is the sound seemed to be coming from a bubble up front with no depth. I never noticed it until I demoed the MI2 and S3 side by side and was blown away by the depth dynamics and texture. That's when I after 13 years of use began searching for better cables and found the Dynamic Design cables.
Well I decided to run the S3's 24.7 for the break in and this morning I was over the 350 mark.So I sat and gave them a good run through with some critical listing.
My first impression was that they had opened up a great deal and that they sounded better than when I had 100 hours on them.But something was still missing.I tried each of the settings from low to medium to high.Joe Abrams had told me it was best to set them at medium if that is where they where sounding the best in my system even though the low setting is where they should be set per the instructions and my amps input sensitivity of 33kohms.He told me the settings are not written in stone so experimentation is best.The pair I have going from the cdp to preamp are set to high per my preamp frequency input of 100kohms and I left that at the correct setting.
Still I was very disappointed with the overall sound.In the last 2 years I have owned and sold amps and receivers as they where not producing what I wanted.I first started with receivers and moved to separates.I have gone through Sony,Yamaha,Rotel and Pioneer on the receiver end.I have gone through only Rotel preamps ,and amps in the separates.All with my B&W speakers(683's)I remember a few years ago when I ran my home built speakers and a lowly Sony receiver and was so happy back then.This all has a point believe it or not.Anyway so I decided to back track to when I first got my B&W's and all the other components.What was I doing that made my home built speakers and receiver sound so good?What had I added since those days?I have added a dedicated 20amp circuit for the amp.I added a APC H15 Power Conditioner.The APC was bought at the same time as the B&W's and at the start of my higher end journey.Could it be the APC that cdp and preamp and everything else but the amp is plugged into?I have another dedicated 20amp circuit that has nothing plugged into it so I decided to remove the cdp and preamp from the APC and go straight to the wall socket.I was not expecting much and surely not what I was about to hear.
I let the amp and preamp and cdp warm up for a half hour before I sat back down and when I started the first cd I was blown away.Never in the last 2 years has anything I had sounded so good.My speakers melted away and left me in a musical paradise.I have never been able to get all my sources to sound good and now bluray,hd tv all are exceptional.
Now my only thought is part of that the MIT IC's?I could not get any IC to really sound good before.But at this point in time it is a non issue as it is just sooooo good right now that MIT S3's are here to stay.And will be getting one for my center channel tomorrow.
So in the end my APC unit has been limiting and coloring my sound all along.I am so jazzed that after 2 years I can settle down and quit fussing and enjoy what I least until the next time.
Shaunp, the generation 3 versions are out now and they are even better sounding. If you bought the S3's from Joe, you can probably recoup your investment and just pay an upcharge to get the newest stuff. I have the S1.3 spkr cables and will be getting the S1.3 Proline IC's next. What are you using for spkr cables?? The MIT Shotgun speaker cables would be the biggest improvement you could make, even more so than the IC's..FYI. I had been running previous generation Oracle products but I cashed them in and got the Shotgun stuff system sounds better in some aspects than it did with the $18K rig:O) The MIT power cords will also move your sound to a whole new level as well!!
The MIT Shotgun speaker cables would be the biggest improvement you could make, even more so than the IC's..

I agree,unless running MIT speaker cables your limiting your system
I agree,unless running MIT speaker cables your limiting your system.

Why would the MIT speaker cables limit my system?As of now I am using some overly priced thx Monster cables with the white jackets.For now my next upgrade is to replace my wall sockets with some sort of surge protection at the outlet.I talked to Joe today and he recommended some MIT Super something or other wall sockets.I looked at some on the MIT site but did not see anything mentioned about surge protection, only power filtering which I do not want.As of now my preamp and cdp are direct to wall with no protection.I live in the desert and even though have never had a power problem I have noticed tha APC limiting the power sometimes as when it is windy it will rise to around 130 volts.Do not know if that is a problem but want to be safe.
The in-wall Z stabilizer super outlet conditions and has surge will experience better sound and picture wt surge protection. Missioncoonery is saying that unless you are using MIT speaker cables, you are limiting your system.
The in-wall Z stabilizer super outlet conditions and has surge will experience better sound and picture wt surge protection. Missioncoonery is saying that unless you are using MIT speaker cables, you are limiting your system. it.Now if I get the super Z is it going to limit my power and color the sound?Thanks.
>>unless running MIT speaker cables your limiting your system

There's never a shortage of dumb posts and this is another good example.

Cables are listener and system dependent.

It's that simple.
Audiofeil is correct due to the variance of human preference regarding things audio. After listening to even more alternative cables over the last year however, I have still not heard a better cable than MIT... IMHO.
Cables are listener and system dependent.

It's that simple.

I wish I had your knowledge & insight
i have also been unable to find any cable to better my mit stuff throughout my system. some of them are much older models too but still best any of the current reference stuff i have listened to. regarding mit power products, i recently began using the z-stabalizer3 hg and have found it to be outstanding, even on my amplifier. this device has the power correction, filter and surge/spike protection. it is fine to use with high current stuff too. the oracle power cables will change things for you too. i was just reading a thread where they were discussing how well designed equipment will have little benefit from good power products and i was laughing to myself. if they could only hear whats going on in my living is truly remarkable...
Cables are listener and system dependent.

It's that simple and not disputable.
Cables are listener and system dependent.

It's that simple and not disputable

OK, we got it!!Thanks for the continuous great imput.We all benefit.
09-17-09: Audiofeil
Cables are listener and system dependent.

It's that simple and not disputable.

well the op found that his mit products took him to "paradise" so it seems appropriate for others to help him understand how experiences with similar products took their systems forward. not sure where your post was directed...?
One thing is for sure, I've never heard a bigger, deeper and more acousticaly complete musical soundscape than with MIT products. You can get softer, smoother, richer etc...but not more realisic:O) FYI, the new Gen 3 cables have a very close kinship to the MA cables vs the previous generation stuff. I am amazed at the more visceral and palpable presentation generated by my S1.3 cables vs my older V2.2 cables. There is also better definition and detail retrieval.
I'm coming late to this party. Just happened upon it because I was interested in what others thought about the MIT 1.3 speaker cables versus Cardas Golden Cross. I have to say that as much as I liked the Golden Cross with my Joseph Audio rm25XL's, when I switched to Focal Diablo Utopia's, I have really enjoyed (or think I have enjoyed) my new MIT Shotguns more. "Blown away" in audiophilese means that you can actually hear a difference, LOL. But my honest perception (and not A/B'd) is that the MIT's have a sweet synergy with my current system, so much so that I have remarked to my long-suffering wife that I have exactly the sound I want right now.
Hang on to the Gen 3 cables...MIT is starting to cheapen up it's cable line. Circuit boards for almost all cables now...gen 3 stuff still has discreet components=better sound overall!