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I just wanted to share a really great experience I had with MIT. I recently bought a cable and had some concern about the male end of the connector fitting a bit loose. I emailed the dealer I bought them from (thanks Joe!!) and I promptly received several solution options. This was followed by a phone call from the executive VP of MIT. He explained that this is a common characteristic of these connectors but insisted on sending 3 other types of connectors for me to experiment with and if I preferred another he would build a cable for me with the one of my choice. He also spent a great deal of time answering some general questions and explaining how the cable worked and some history. I was very impressed.
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I had only bought two other products from this dealer and never spoken to anyone at MIT. That is just stellar service. I have used MIT products for many years simply because I thought they sounded better than any others I have tried but I now feel confident that they bring service to match the incredible quality of their product.

Not enough of this going on so figured I would share it...
Nice to read these type of posts.
I agree the level of MIT customer support is indeed exemplary. Whenever I've had questions my inquiries were handled by factory personnel who always took the time to thoroughly explain and fully address any issues. On one occasion when there was no one else available to talk technical, they had Mr. Bruce Brisson himself take my call; I was floored. He was very generous with his time and absolutely interested in serving my best interests, whether a sale was made or not.
I have purchased several sets of their better (although by no means their best) cabling and have always been very satisfied. A high value for the price indeed.
Not to poop in the punchbowl love fect but the block on the otherwise fine wire roll off high end and low end so mids seem to "POP" and with better midrange you say "wow that's better" when in fact you are getting less information.Change something else in your system to get that desired effect instead of spending big $$ on less sound.
chazz...if thats the case (which i do not believe that it is) then roll mine off all day long. i auditioned a very long list before selecting these cables and the gap was big, very big. nothing has come close to making my system sound this good so i think i made the correct change. i have been around this stuff long enough to know if something is just "pop" and "wow"...