i see a lot of z3 for sale in this site so it have probably someone who can give me its opinion about how it sound
This is funny. The Oracle AC cable with no oracle feedback. Mums the word.
Thenis...I have used the Z3's on and off for many years. In my system they sound extremely neutral, true to the source and quiet. I prefer them to most power cables regardless of price. I get fantastic dynamics, open (maybe slightly forward) and airy presentation with exceptional detail/imaging. If you are familiar with MIT cables, they bring much of the general sonic character of accurate defined images, quiet background and a very you are there sound. The main thing that attracts me to the Z3 is their "trueness". I find many power cables to alter the source which is fun for a while but detracts from my goals overall.

In my opinion you can't go wrong with a system wired with them. Good luck on your quest.