Mit oracle ma-x, ma, v1.2,v2.2,v2.1 Ic

Anyone can enlighten me about these cables and how much improvement are they step by step up to the ma-x?
Which model is comparable with Kubala Sosna Emotions?
The order of performance is as follows:

Oracle MA-X and Oracle MA (the MA-X cable at 0 should sound the same as an MA cable and can be adjusted to increase or decrease "articulation". Theoretically, the MA-X is top of the line but MIT recommends no more than one in your system). This is current generation and superior to the old cables.

Oracle v1.2 is the top of the line of the older generation. Oracle v2.2 is next and Oracle v2.1 is an older revision of Oracle v2.2.

Essentially, if you're in the market, look for the Magnum MA and Oracle MA/-X.
Hi Bar81 many thanks for your kind answer. I'm using a pair of Oracle 2.1 balanced ic and looking to go higher. I saw from your system you have Oracle Ma as well as Magnum Ma. Could you describe the characteristic of each cables? What do you think of a biamp system with mid-hi and sub like my Pipedreams? Should I use the same cables for both or different?
Would appreciate your thought.
Essentially, the Oracle MA adds a substantial increase in liquidity, superior low end control and improved top-to-bottom articulation and detail retrieval. That's not to say the Magnum MA isn't an excellent cable, it's just that the Oracle MA builds upon the foundation of the Magnum MA and gives more of pretty much everything.

With regard to biamping, I've never done it so it's beyond my area of expertise, sorry.
No problem at all, Bar.
I appreciate your answer and it is quite helpful.
Hi Suchart, I suggest you give a call to MIT directly, they are very helpful and will advise you on which cables will best suit your system and price range, as well as explaining the differences between the Oracle MA-X,MA and Magnum MA.

Call Joe Abrams at Equus audio...He da man and the prices are about half that of retail!
Joe does not sell the Oracle MA series of MIT cables.
No, but he can help answer questions regarding system matching. An Oracle V1.2 cable at Joe's price is a clear winner in my book.
Again, I suggest you call MIT directly, after a complete explanation of the differences between the cables you are interested in, you are then free to make your purchase anywhere.