MIT Oracle AC2-- anyone with experience?

Versus other top contenders?
I owned these powercables. They are outdated. Purist Audio makes superior powercables compared to these.

It is a totally different league
Understood Bo, of course yours were old-outdated. The new ones are very good. You shd try the new AC2-then you can comment-how's that.
I listend to the newer MIT powercables as well. Compare them with Purist Audio and you will understand why they are superior.

In 16 years of time I have done thousends of tests with cables. The biggest difference is that instruments and voices are a lot more realistic in proportion. The stage is more intimate.

The articulation of voices is a lot more open and clear with the Purist Audio powercables as well.

It also gives a much more physical 3 D stage compared to the MIT.

MIT would wise they could achieve this level!!
Very interestink (by Schultz)danke.
MIT has not done a lot of research in the last years. Audioquest has made a much bigger improvement.

In one year of time I did win all battles against clients who lend MIT cables. It is that easy.

There is a lot of work to do for MIT!!
In both my digital and analog the AC2 is a game changer for power cords. Incredible all round. If you want to know what your equipment can really do....
It is still a nice powercable, but in technique it is not the best anymore. Quality is Always based on the moment. After time it changes.

Newer powercables like the Purist Audio go further in parts as black level, articulation of voices, intimate stage and even drive, control and dynamics.

MIT needs to do more research in technique to catch up. In all the comparisons with MIT cables I can make the conclussion that they are behind some other brands. It has become quite easy to create a higher level with cables like Audioquest and Purist Audio.
I disagree with your statement that quality is "based on the moment". If that were so there would be no market for art or music or Rolex. The MIT Oracle AC2 powercord is very expensive without question so most will not get to experience it. However it is remarkably effective and experiencing what it does will definitely enhance the users appreciation for what is possible by really cleaning up the AC power supply to any component, analog or digital.
In my country the person who sold the most MIT in the last 20 years has become Audioquest dealer as well.

His word; at this moment Audioquest is a step further in quality.

It is no coincidence that I win the shootouts against MIT so easilly.