MIT Oracle AC1 versus AC2

The price doubles to move from the AC1 to AC2. Can anyone comment on these- comparing to each other and other extreme level PC's?
I have installed an AC 3 and an AC 2 in my system and the improvements are quite dramatic; Clarity, dimensionality and dynamic range are trmendously enhanced with a noise floor so low that the recording venue is rendered distinctly from one recording to another.
Hello dear music lover,

I do have AC1 on my Spectral pre and power amps, this is better than the AC2. I was more musical involved by the AC1. The AC2 is much better for digital components. What I also know for sure is that MIT is always the best for Spectral. Other PC on other equipment, just try and find out yourself. I had a listen to NBS Monitor serie before, I liked the open sound, much air. But the music was always direct in my face, I got tired of it! There is so much on the market. Have a good time, just listen to the music
I moved my AC2 onto my digital front end and placed a Transparent MM Ref PC on my amplification...very nice combo. Together they strike a nice balance of definition and musicality!
I also found the AC2 provided a step up for digital.