MIT Oracle AC1 input...

I would like to hear experiences with these power cables. I am a long time MIT user but do not have much experience with their power products. I am considering using them but mostly on reputation and belief in their other products.
The AC 1 and AC 2 are extremely well engineered products that do what they claim to do without screwing around with the components sound. They are the best way to clean up your AC and enhance the performance of your components without the often deliterious effects of outboard power filtration devices. Joe Abrams at Equus Audio offers new MIT product at a significant discount:O)
thanks dave. sounds like they are consistent with the rest of the mit products then which is what i assumed. of course i will never know until i get them here and hear them but i wanted to get some others experience. there are just so many options out there for power cables but since i have had such positive history with my speaker cables and interconnects i am naturally drawn to mit.

thanks for the tip on joe abrams but i already purchased them (a good deal none the less!). i am aware of his company, we see his face half the time we pull up audiogon! i actually plan to give him a call in the near future as i am thinking of making some changes to my other cables and need to get a handle on the newer lines and how they compare to what i have been using.

noticed you swapped out the wilsons for planners and got rid of the big krell. imagine it is quite a different sound.
Yes, the Maggies are a revelation in true musicality and my humble 400xi loves the load and sounds tubey to boot:O)
wow. these cables are superb. right off i am getting a marked increase/clarity in bass and imaging is more precise. Certainly quieter background and more detail in high and mid, and enhanced soundstage. they really do all that mit suggests they will. i am surprised at the impact as i already felt pretty good about the sound. i expect them to perform better over the next few weeks as they settle in too. if any readers are shopping for power cables, i highly recommend auditioning these.
Glad to hear your happy with your new purchase...Enjoy!!