Are there people that heard this cable?
How would you describe these cables?
I'll have the new AC1 on Friday.
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I am expecting a significant improvement--and I already have excellent MIT conditioning in place.
I have already found removing noise takes more than any 1 product can offer. I use Spectral.
I tries them many times and I had the AC2 for 2 years. But there are better cablkes for the same money. When you com pare it with the new Purist Audio cables they will losse in every area. This one has more drive, more control, the mids are a lot more open en the high freq. go a lot further.
The new AC1 power cord has made 'very' significant improvements in all areas of the sound. This is on top of the Equitech 2Q balanced power and the MIT Z Stab ll already in use for my amp, each of which provided very significant & complemetary benefits(common & differential noise). Previously I used the unfiltered Oracle AC3 which certainly improved the 'breatheability' and natural flow of music from my 200 watt amp. Ths Oracle AC1 simply 'removed' previously unheard weaknesses in the system - it's like an entire "system" upgrade,- even to the speakers. Dramatic refinement. Power & delicacy. If you have a big system these Oracles are certainly worth an audition.