MIT or Transparent

I want to change my speaker cable and my choice are the two following : MIT oracle V4 or Transparent reference. I am looking for a great used cable to match my system : JMlab mini-utopia and YBA 2 amplifier, YBA 1 preamp
oracle v4 is one of the best, it's my reference now
I've recently switched from Transparent Ultra to MIT Oracle V3 speaker cables. The Oracle V3 provides a blacker, quieter background, is smoother, more linear, and much more extended at the extremes. Resolution and imaging are also superior. How the Oracle V4 compares to TA Reference may be a closer call. In my system the TA Ultra had very good mid bass, but seemed dry, and lacked sparkle in the high end.

If you do go with the Oracle V4 you may need to have MIT update your cables with longer leads from the network box to reach your speaker's terminals. You also have the option for bi-wiring.

Good luck with your decision.
a word from Italy; if you listen analog too, please try Van den Hul S.C.S. 2.
I've sold my MIT's.
I took my Acoustic Zen cables over to a friends who was using Transparent Refrence. The Zen cables were much better all around, the Transparent was comprable in the bass only. His system sounded dull and lifeless with Transparent and really came to life with the Zen wires. The Zen wires retail for about 1/5 the price of the Transparent. My friend put his Transparent up for sale the next day.
I sold my Transparent cabling, including Ultra XL Bicable, in favor of Granite Audio long balanced silver interconnects and short speaker cables some time ago and have never been happier. I am not skeptical of having networks in the cables as interfering with the original signal.

What type of MIT do you have?
Oracle seies is another league.
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