mit mh750cvt series2 with ist sp.cables

thinking of buying a pair of mit mh750cvt series2 with ist to tame a bright upper midrange of a pair of avalon arcus driven by a mccormack DNA1. anybody familiar with these speaker cables? I wonder if maybe i'm mistaking a transparent,clear upper midrange for brightness? i've had the avalons for 1 week, but were 6 mo. old and supposedly broken in when i got them. any suggestions would be very appreciated. thanks
i am using double runs of kimber 4tc presently
I used a pair of MH 750 cvt+ shotgun cables with Avalon Radians and ARC tube amp. The sound was very good, no brightness and no loss of detail that I could hear. They replaced a pair of Straightwire cables and were a step up. I am selling the MIT cables as I have recently gone with FIM. Let me know if your interested.
I highly rcommend those cables. I would also pay the few dollars more to get the plus series. They only thing I question is using cables as a band aid. If you dont like the amp then you should thik of replacing it with something more your tatse. Cables should articulate sound not cover it up.
MH 750 works VERY well for me with the DNA-1. It works so well that I recently upgraded to the MH750 Magnum so my MH750+ is now available; attractive price. If you have brightness then definitely don't go with Kimber, or any silver cable.
I have 1 MH750cvt II (8'run) used for center channel. It is in exc. cnd. Replaced it with Straightwire Blacsilc. If interested.