MIT MH 750 magnum speaker cables

Looking for suggestions on quality speakers cables. Currently my system consists of a McCormack DNA2 LAE amp with B&W Nautilus 802's and IC are Madrigal CZ Gel. I currently use MIT Terminator 4 bi wired speaker cables.

I have a great option to purchase a demo set of MIT MH 750 magnum or the Magnum M3. Has anyone tried these cables or are there some recommendations.

Thanks for any help
I've been using MH750 biwire Magnum's for nearly 2 years, & I'm very happy with them. You should experience an order-of-magnitude improvement over your T4's without a doubt. I upgraded from MH750 series3 with significant improvements, so expect a quantum leap. Long breakin was required with both pairs; it took about 30 days before they were sounding their best.
Give Audiogon member Joe Abrams a call; describe your rig; get his valuable opinion in order to decide between the M3's (latest version since Magnum's phaseout).
Thanks for the feedback. I chose the Magnum MH 750 and have had them in my system for about 2 weeks. A significant improvement indeed. My speakers have come to life. If they get any better in the next phase of breakin, I may just reach audio nirvana.