MIT MH 750 Bi-Wire vs the AudioQuest Rocket 88

I have both cables and would like to know you guys opinion on which speaker wire would you use, a new pair of AudioQuest Rocket 88 Bi-Wire w/72V DBS ($400) or an old pair (12 years old) MIT MH 750 ($1900)? I tried to AB them but it's hard for me to tell the difference. Thanks.

How did you A-B them? Put in a set and and use them for a week or two. Put in the other set and use them for a week or two. Put the first set back in and give them enough time to settle in.

Do you feel like you're missing something that Set B had, or are you happier with Set A that's in? You own both sets, so there's no hurry to a make a decision.

Actually, I had the set A (AQ) for about 4 months now so, my ears know and used to the sound by now, then yesterday, I installed the pair of old MIT and trying to hear the diff. I know it's been only a day maybe I should have given it a week like you said but, it's old and used, should be broken in already.

Whenever you switch out cables, it takes a while for them to settle in. It's not breaking in like a new cable, but it's settling in. Give it a day or two.

Don't strain to try to hear a difference, just relax and listen. This really hit me when I compared Virtual Dynamics cables and Stealth. At first the VD cables struck me with what I was hearing. Then I put in the Stealth cables and they didn't have whatever the VD cables had.

But over time, I realized that in my system, the Stealth cables were much better. They were more natural sounding with a layered soundstage. The VD cables didn't have much of a soundstage at all in terms of depth, and that's why I was hearing more of everything, it was all sitting there in front of me. That's impressive but not natural to me. That's just some of the things that might come out for you over time and with patience.

Thank for your input Chuck, the MIT is being use right now and I will continue to do so for a few more day and see if I can hear it change.
MIT needs always a few days ( often 1 week) before it is settled in. Even if it is new. I sold it for a long time. Of the brands I know well it is the one which needs the longest time to settle in a system. MIT gives a wide and deep stage. But a sharp individual focus is the weakest property it has.
Thanks Bo, since my MIT MH750 bi-wire are over 12 years old and showing signs of wear, I decided to sent it out to MIT Cables for them to look it over and recondition them to bring it up to its original condition. Once I get them back I will use them continuesly for a week then, I will let you know my observation.
Ok, here's what I did I hope I made the right decision. I sent my MIT MH750 to MIT to get looked over and maybe recondition the pair of my MH750 Bi-Wire. After talking to the president of MIT (Kent) and the engineer, they said the MH750 is very old and it is not worth going over the cables so, he said he will give me $275 credit toward any new MIT cables if I want to upgrade to a new one. After thinking about it, I decided to go ahead and get the new MIT MAtrix 12 Bi-Wire so, They are now building me a set for my Vandersteen 2CE Sig II that uses four 7/16 spade terminals and banana on the amp end. So that's the story. I wonder what they're going to do with my old MH750.