MIT Matrix rev 60 speaker cables. Has anyone listened to them?

I’m very tempted to try these cables out with a no risk 30day money back Guarantee. They’re offered exclusively here on Audiogon by Joe Abrams. Joe seems like a real nice person. My conscience doesn’t 
want me to just get them to hear what they sound like and then return them, but without knowing if they’re as good as Joe says they’re it’s a 50/50 roll the dice situation. He states they’re better then the older Oracle 1.2 model that not too long ago was MIT’s top cables. Has anyone heard them?
Go for it. Once you go MIT you will never look back IME.  And Joe is first class.  
Why are they only sold thru an Agon seller and not listed as a current offering on MIT web site?

Seems odd???
I have a pair of the Matrix 60 HD biwire. Just outstanding. Should be required equipment with Wilson speakers. I stumbled onto a pair at a great price so while still not cheap, made it easier. They really are like a significant component upgrade, though some folks here yell 'heresy!' and really balk at that notion. Depending on budget, I would also consider the Matrix 38. PM me if you would like more info.
Serious Question:  why aren’t these cables listed on MIT’s website and secondly why are they no longer offered by known retailers like @The Cable Co “??
They’re offered exclusively through Joe Abrams on Audiogon. MIT doesn’t promote these cables Joe does on his own website. I’ve also tried searching for any info on these cables, but there’s nothing out there. I’ve chatted with Joe and he seems like a real stand up guy. He has feedback over 1000 on Audiogon all positive. Like I said I’m looking for someone who has first hand experience with these cables. He offers a 30 risk free home audition and even pays shipping.
That being said,I don’t want to get them without any understanding of what they actually sound like. I know all cables are system dependent, but I still like to know if they’re as good as he says they’re. Might just have to find out for my self; at some point!
Hiendmo - where are you located ?
Like @keithtexas I have Matrix HD60 speaker cables too.
It would be interesting to hear if the Rev 2’s are a large improvement on these.

Looking at the ads, they look similar down to the network boxes. I think MIT themselves stock EVO and 2C3D in the Heritage series which also look similar but not as much as the Rev 2’s do. They sort of straddle the old Matrix HD60 performance wise.
I believe the old Matrix series was discontinued in favour of the SL Matrix which were slimmer in design.
mikey8811- what speakers are you running them with?
My other concern with these cables is will they work with my existing silver interconnects. Does MIT need the full loom to work?
@hiendmmoe I am using them on Vienna Acoustics The Kiss speakers. The rest of my cables - interconnects and power cords - are Cardas.
They match quite well with the MIT's.
The box is quite large so if you wish to return them, the shipping may cost some.
What gear are you using?
@mikey8811 - It is my understanding that the SL line was meant to be budget/entry level, not providing near the sound quality of the Matrix HD or even the older Magnum MA.
@hiendmmoe - I do have Matrix HD 38 interconnects, but didn't notice quite the jump in sound improvement as the initial installation of the Matrix HD speaker cables provided in my system. Definitely a synergy there, but I would describe it as just 'incrementally more great sound' as opposed to going from a 'good' to 'great' jump in sound quality that the speaker cables provided.
On the MIT web site that show the EVO line in similar price ranges to some of these Matrix Rev cables.  I wonder how they compare, and odd that there is overlap???
Too rich for my blood. 
Small *correction* - I mentioned above that my interconnects are HD38. They are actually the HD36, not HD38, which are speaker cables. It appears the Matrix HD series vintage is around 2012(?), not sure.

Here’s a recent (last month-June 25, 2020) review of some of the more current EVO cables:

I would agree with most of the review's descriptions, except for his reference to hearing a very slight forwardness. First time I've ever heard any MIT cables described that way. The cable's detail and ability to isolate individual voices and instruments is a little surprising (front row effect) at first, but they portray accurate front to back soundstage depth to me (and in my system). 
Hi Hiendmmoe, wondering if you decided to give the Matrix rev 60 a try and what you thought of them.

I own them, along with the REV 50 Balanced Interconnects.  They are absolutely the equivalent of the Oracle 1.2’s...I should know, because I had them and let them go several years ago.  Big Mistake!!  Actually, the REV combo I have now seems a bit more open and detailed with a larger soundstage.  I’ve been dealing with Joe since the 90’s...he is the real deal and beyond reproach.  
Joe is a Jewel . Straight as an arrow :)
For those using these cable....what speakers are you using? What electronics? Solid state or tube?  I'im upgrading cables and considering these
I have B&W 802D3’s, Krell K300i and Yamaha SACD 2100 Front end.