mit magnum z III

Anyone use this cable? I would like to know how they sound. My need is a deep tight bass, transparent mid and hight(no dark sounding) and a good opening sounstage. Do you think that this cable would be a good match for my systeme?
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Yes, from your description they would be an outstanding choice. Excellent AC cable. I'd recommend trying their filtered cables for your digital gear too. I have MIT filtered cable's on my front end and Z3's on my amps and love the way it sounds. I've gone full circle with power products trying everything I could get my hands on but in the end have gone back to all MIT. I can't stand dark sounding, colored cables. The MIT stuff is the most true to the source I have tried along with keeping things real clean and open.
How does the MIT sound, compared to other cables like Cardas Golden Reference, Kubala Sosna Emotion, Purist Aqueos 20th Anniversary?

In my system I have opposite results on the digital source and on integrated amp:
- on the Accuphase DP700 the Kubala is clearly better, smooth, musical, with an open stage, the Purist is even more smooth with a very rich midrange, it's a matter of tastes, I prefer the Kubala;
- on the Luxman 509u the Golden Reference is the winner with a rich and musical sound, warm but with a bit of sparkle on the top end, while the Purist sounds lean with an exaggerated bloom on the voices, and the Kubala souns open, smooth, neutral, but I miss the rich lower midrange and bass of the Cardas.

Whould you think the Magnum ZIII could be a significant upgrade over the Cardas on the Luxnan 509u?
It has a great control of the bass, it is neutral but i need more warmht and richness of tone, B&W speakers may sound cold and forward with a too much neutral system.

Other power cords with a warm (but not veiled!) sound, smooth highs, heavy bass and good dynamics?

I know the Oyaide Tunami GPX (I had it before) but it is not at the same level of the other cords I have.

Many thanks
Do anyone know the MIT Magnum ZIII power cord :-/ ?
Even without comparing it to other cables...

Thenis. You haven't said a thing about your system or where you want the pc? Tell us more! Like to help. I have the Magnum AC2. Excellent for isolation/conditioning. Very clean and clear for digital.
I also use the Oracle AC3-non networked. Excellent for pre or power where non networked desired.
I think MIT may now have a loaner program.