MIT Magnum MA speaker cables

Has anyone tried these? If so, what do you think?

Yes. imo, fantastic.
Yes,imo,they are the best.
Wonderfull sound but I went with Oracle Dot 2 cables for alot less.
I question a design that uses exchangeable modular tips at either end and a plug-in network box in between. It introduces 3 soft connections between your amp and every driver, when you could have none. Someone explain to me how this can't matter, regardless of the other technology employed.
Only the lower range MIT products have ICONN connectors and modular plug in design.
Whether it "matters" or not is irrelevant; you judge a product by final results, not by theory. The Magnum MA delivers.
I had the magnum ma,liked them so much moved up to the ORACLE MA.They sound great in my system.
Yeah, the Oracle MA is something on a whole other level. I have some ICs I'm listening to and am very impressed.
"Only the lower range MIT products have ICONN connectors and modular plug in design."

AFAICT from the website, the lowest priced biwire that would have a hard-wired network box is an Oracle V3.2 that starts at 10K. So, by 'lower range' do you mean all the products under 10K, or did I miss something?

Even at that price range, its not clear from the pictures of the products or their associated copy whether that series of cables uses modular tips or hard-wired tips. Anyone know?
Ubglub, you are correct! MIT has undergone quite a few changes in their lineup recently. It appears that only oracle Dot 2 series cables and Oracle MA cables are hardwired. That being said, I have loved my MIT oracle cabling for it's natural, dynamic and extended sound. MIT seems to understand real instrumental timbre very well...the cables create such a huge coherent and utterly musical soundscape that makes other cables pale in comparison.
MIT cables, in my experience, excell in three particular areas: High frequency extension, Low frequency extension and 3 dimmensional imaging ability/soundstaging.

NOTHING else I have used, heard, owned or compared even comes close to MITs abilities at those characteristics.

The MA series is without doubt achieving a new level of performance at each of the given price points.