MIT Magnum M2 I/C Proper cable for me?

I am using an MIT Magnum M2 I/C, NOT the type with the selectable impedance matching circuits, on my Marantz SA-8260 cdp and Manley Stingray int tube amp with Klipschorns. Is this version of the Magnum an older version, and is it not a good match for tubes as I've read some MIT cables are not? I think it all sounds great but it may sound even better with something else if this is not the proper type I should be using. Any thoughts or opinions will be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
Hi, I'm guessing that your i/c is longer than 3m. That would be the reason it would not have adjustments. If so, there would be a shrink-marker on the dowmstream end saying HIGH, MEDIUM, or LOW. If you let me know, I can tell how optimum a match this might be to your amp. The question of whether Magnum is good match for Tube amp concerns the SPEAKER CABLE, not the interconnect.
Hi Joe,
The I/C is 1 meter only but does have the shrink-marker that says LOW.
That's VERY unusual! Does the cable have a network box? Does the cable have black mesh on the outside? A photo would help. You can email me through Portal Audio's website. To answer your question, the nominal input impedance of the Stingray is around 50 k ohm. The optimum MIT i/c cable for this amp would be set to Medium. All else being equal, your LOW cable might be performing at 96% - 98% of what the same model of cable in Medium might. BUT the differences would be subtle, not night 'n day. Hope this helps.
They do have a network box and the black mesh. They just don't have the adjustments. I emailed you a pic. I just took another look at the original box which reads Magnum M2ic Selectable Impedance Interconnects. 1m Low. I didn't notice the bit about the selectable impedance before now. Could they possibly have been built with the wrong network box? I got them used so I'm not the original owner. Let me know what you think.

If the difference between the LOW and MEDIUM is that minimal, I'm not going to worry about it.

Thanks again! Bernie
What I found with selectable imp MIT cables was as the imp was changed, the midrange was the most affected.... either becoming more or less recessed... subtle diffs are elsewhere... usually I had mine selected for high most often, as both the preamp and or amp were at higher imp than the sources, or preamps, output imp.

unless I got it all wrong all the time, you select for the downstream devices input imp. That info was based on using RCA ics.

With XLR it can get interesting, as there are now two switches for each cable. Playing with them both can provide all sorts of results, vs. the fac recommendations, which is to set both sw. to the same setting.

I found the MIT mag series a nice wire for sources.