MIT line-higher models

been enjoying the mIT AVT 1 speaker cables and interconnects.
Just wondering as one goes to the avt ma or shotgun ma or magnum ma. What does one level after the other level achieve ?
does it get more detailed, fuller body, etc ?
hoping some body can chime in on this regards.

thanks in advance.
I've compared the Shotgun S1.3 to the Magnum M1.3. What they both had in common was a low noise floor and the ability to pass low level details. The M1.3 just did everything better - more low level detail, more holographic images, greater low end weight, etc. But what most set them apart was tone color. Colors were much richer and more fleshed out with the M1.3. Voices and instruments sounded more natural and lifelike. It wasn't suble either. After hearing the M1.3 I knew I couldn't settle for the S1.3. I ended up going with the M2.3.

I suspect you'd hear similar things moving up in the MA line.
thanks Kenny

anyone else care share some opinions ?
I moved up from the Shotgun 3.3 to the Shotgun MA. The MA is much richer, less harsh, well worth the extra money.
Kenny's description is extremely well stated and matches much of my experience. I'd also add that the holography, definition, depth and realism really advances as you move up the line and particularly the MA or Matrix. Those tend to really project images forward and immerse you in the music. It's a very eerie experience sometimes.

I've been hopelessly addicted to MIT stuff for a long while. I currently use Oracle Matrix 50 ic and Matrix 90 speaker cables.
Thanks guy! looks like the higher you go the better it gets !

Ive been considering MIT for some time, but i just can't get my head around these network boxes.

I was always led to believe that you want to keep the signal as pure as possible, and that means less components, less resistance etc.

But everyone who uses or has heard MIT say they are great! I don't think I've read one bad review.

Im thinking about getting Magnum MAs, only because Oracle MA are too expensive.

Any thoughts / advice / listening experience with these would be great.