MIT cables on Audio Advisor?

I spoke to MIT about their cables on AA, and they replied that those cables where @2 years old. I'm interested in the Term.2 biwire speaker cable. Just wanted to know if anyone out there has any experience with these from AA? On Audio, several people commented that these cables had black boxes instead of the new grey. Was this just a cosmetic change, or are they truely different from the current model? Thanx for any input ChrisRn.
Those older T2 at Audio Advisor are good cables. A good rule of thumb is the current new model MIT are one step higher than before. The currently T2 have incorporated some of the old next higher rung MIT 750 technology. The current new T3 is probably close to the those old T2, etc, etc.
I have some of the t2/t4 grey boxes speaker cables from aa. the t2 bought 1 year ago have turquiose writing while the t4 have the silver writing and have the ear logo on the box. Both sets have iconn connectors. They are good for the money, sells used cables for about the same.

Are all cables at AA "outdated" cables? I just purchased Analysis Plus Oval 12 and copper IC's. Not that I am worried.....
All cables are AA are not outdated, but they do buy out a lot of close-out stock cheap from manufacturers as well. If what you bought is selling for current prices they are current stock. AA always deeply discounts the old stock they pick up cheap.

When Audioquest came out with the updated version of the Slate speaker cables (which cost more), AA bought out the remaining old stock and sold them for about 35 cents on the dollar of retail. New 8 foot pairs that did sell for $225 were on AA for $80. It was a great deal.

A few years ago I bought a bunch of (new) old model Monster Stage 1 Power Conditioners for only $25 each from AA. What a steal that was. I use them on the TVs and VCRs, etc, around the house. Sharpens up the video. I also gave a few as Christmas presents for friends and family.

Chris - I think you will do just fine if you get the MIT cables from Audio Advisor. About two times a year they have a sale on interconnects and speaker cables - often from the MIT line. The speaker cables you are considering will probably work just fine in your system - even if someone at MIT mentioned that they are an older model. Also keep in mind that Audio Advisor has a great return policy - so if you find the cables don't work well with your system; you can always return them for a refund. A couple years ago, I bought several sets of MIT interconnects to use with various TV systems around my home; and they were a big improvement over the Monster Cable garbage I had been using.
I bought my T2 biwires from AA and am super happy with them. It was a revelation really to install them in my system. The price was right and the quality is outstanding, although bulky. I have the grey box versions (1.5 years old now). Get them and you won't regret it in my opinion. Arthur
i've also bought these same cables from AA, i live here in gr mi. so when i do buy anything, i just pick'em up from their lobby.
Thanx for everyones input. It's really nice to know that there are others out there able to help out! Especially when I'm new at this HI-FI thing. ChrisRN