MIT cables and tubes, are they compatible?

I am using MIT Oracle 2.2 IC and SC with solid state amps and they sound fantastic. I just bought a pair of tube monoblocks and wondering if the MIT can be used with tubes. Also same question for MIT IC and tube pre,
My experence with older MIT cables,such as the 350 twins or the CVT serries has been extremely positive. My main amplifiers are Manley 250's. I use MIT 350 twins,(single ended) interconcts and 750CVT series speaker cables and have been very happy.
I use all MIT cables (Terminator 2) interconnects and speaker throughout my system. I use a tube preamp and solid sate amp. The sound is glorious and I have never felt the need to change cables.
Can you adjust for the input impedance of the component with your MIT Oracle cables? If so, shouldn't be any issue. (one might have to play with the impedance setting if at the borderline of low/medium.

I'm running cj tubes (TEA phono/GAT pre/LP140 M amps) with no issues.