MIT cables

I am wondering what do they sound like. What is sonic signature of MIT IC's and how they compare to other cables. Some suggest MIT rolls-off highs. Does it?
I had the MIT 330 IC's and the speaker wire model I cant remember (higher quality model)...It seemes to me to accent the lower spectrum...when I switched to another cable I felt that I was loosing detail and balance with the MIT's/
On the early model of mit, it does roll off highs.but not on the latest one.
There are many kinds of MIT cables. I purchased the Oracle v2 speaker wires because, at the time, I was driving Thiels with Bryston amps. The upper range sounded far too etched for my tasts, though the detailing was fantastic. When I switched to the MIT's, the sound was far smoother without losing any details: The harshness and sibilence went down. I am still using those speaker cables and am not missing a thing in the upper registers as far as I can tell -- and the adjusted Radio Shack frequency responses further bear that out. In short, my experience has been that the MIT's smooth out the high ends without rolling them off or affecting detail. But ... as you know, every system is different as is every acoustical environment.
MIT cables are excellent, and roll off nothing. Imaging is wonderfule with these cables as well, but they require a hell of a lot of time to break in. I started a few years back with MIT-T2's, and now have all Shotgun stuff running through my JMLabs/EAD/Classe setup, but you have to give them proper break-in time. If you only listen a few hours a week, it will take at least a month before they sound like they're supposed to, and the will sound terrible to start. I think that's the problem with some people's opinions; they don't full break them in before forming and opinion. Try them-you won't be dissapointed.
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