MIT Cables

I've been an Audioaddict for about 3 decades and have tried about every usual suspect wire at or under about $600
in that time, only ones missing are probaly Kimber and Clear Day.
I've finally settled on all MIT ic's and SC, not because I think they are necessarily the best at anthing but because they are at least good with everything.
And, I guess like many audio fools, I do change speakers more than might be necessary .And there does seem to be at least some synergy in a one-brand hookup/

I REALLY would like others opinions, probaly more audio smarts on here than anywhere else on planet.
I don't really think that "audio intelligence" has a lot to do with your preferences in cabeling. There may be some arguement about the MIT interface and what it does, technically but if it sounds good to you,isn't that sufficient. My taste and preferences were dictated in large part by the system my cables are used in. Your system may be completely different and require very different cables. I don't have my system listed (Lazy that's all) but I use entry level , but still expensive Jena Lab speaker cables which are all copper.
I agree MITs are a solid choice with everything I have used them with at least, though no cable will always necessarily sound "the best".

I use the older and less expensive Terminator series ICs specifically.
I use CVT2 8ft biwire SC with 1CVT2 and 2 AVT1 IC's.
In my system I have tried 15+ speaker cables most of the popular brands no MIT though. Some of the highly touted cables performed poorly but to date the best I have found in MY system is Audience. I am still.going to try some more. So I think you should given you have the time look further. Try Cable Company they let you try in your system.
Could be Oldcar,Audience does have many fans,
Many years ago tried many of the MIT cables, never loked any at the time. Audience is OK, Purist Audio better, Ocellia another unknown but extremely transparent and great with SET's and by far the best I've heard is Prana cables but VERY expensive. If I could afford my whole system would be Cosmos Prana cables.

(Dealer disclaimer)
I have been on the great speaker cable quest for about two months. Started with Monster XP which I had before my system upgrade and have tried the following:
Blue Jeans Cable - ok but mids fell back
DH Labs T14 - silver, horribly thin, no bass, bad match
Acoustic Zen Satori - not much better than BJC, flatter
Cardas Blue Sky - AZ equivalent
Cardas Cross, better definition and bass but still a little flat sounding
MIT Matrix 28 - astounding detail at an volume level. Timbre reproduction is like listening to the raw instrument. MIT has one level of cable just below the 28's that might be in your range. I enthusiastically suggest you give them a try.
I do not cycle through components too often, three different speakers, 4 amps, three preamps, etc, since the late 80s; but I have tried a number of brands of cables over the years. Monster Cable in the 80s, of course, Kimber Kable, Nordost, Audioquest and MIT. MIT does it for me. Maybe it makes a good combo for the amp and speakers that I use. Like the op mentioned in the post, sticking to one brand and even level of cable through the entire chain matters too. I had to slowly work my way up to all MIT cables in my system and the day I achieved a homogenous chain was very satisfying indeed.