Mit cable question

My system is a follows;

ML Requests
Classe' Ca-400
Wadia 301 (running direct)
MIT Oracle v4 bi-wire
Monster Sigma 2000 balanced
PS Audio ultimate xstreme statement pc's on both cd & amp

I want to upgrade the M2000 sigma to MIT. What would the M2000 be equal to in the MIT cables. Please be honest, the M2000 is not a bad cable by all means but I want to do better in the MIT lineup without going over budget.
So I need to know it's equal so to say. And then I will know where to start.

Thanks Jim
I think it would be easier to comment if you were to share with us your cable budget. While I do have some experience with MIT's cables, I don't have a clue about the price or quality of the M2000. I searched both Google and the Monster Cable web site and didn't come up with anything meaningful on the M2000 (or the Sigma 2000). Even a search of the classifieds on Audiogon turned up no evidence of this cable.

While I am a big fan of MIT cables (I use Oracle V2.1 speaker cables) I can't say that I find them to be a very good value. I compared the $850 Discovery Essence to the $3495.00 Oracle V2.1 and found the latter to be only slightly better. As a result, I sold off my V2.1. I seriously doubt that any of the MIT cables priced under the V2.1 could compete with the Essence.

I suspect that you'd realize a significant upgrade by swapping your Sigma cable for some Essence. Given the quality of your system, an $850 cable isn't out of line at all. And, IMHO you'd have to spend over $3500 to get something better from MIT.

Clarifications: I use Oracle V.3 speaker cables, not V2.1. In them other places where I mention Oracle V2.1, I am referring to the interconnects, which I used to own.
Hi Ken,
Thanks for your reply. The M2000 was the first Sigma cable that they designed in the early to mid 90's. The 1 meter retailed for $750 back then. So I could maybe get $300 to $350 for the 2 meter I have.
I see the MIT 350 for sale once in a blue moon for a good price.So I would like to stay around $600 to $700.

Hi Jim,

First, I should give you the disclaimer that I sell MIT cable, exclusively.

Your starting point with current MIT cables might be the Shotgun S3 Proline XLR -- inexpensive, but it will sound superior to what you have now. IMHO; based on the rest of your system, you should consider the Magnum Series of interconnects, preferably M1 Proline XLR.
BTW -- the longer your interconnect, in this case, the higher the level you should consider.
You can call me for advice without any obligation to buy anything.
Best of luck!
I would recommend you match your interconnect cables to your speaker cables. If your in the Oracle line now you should stay in that line. MIT seems to work at it's best when matched to similar cables from the same line. I once thought about cabling my whole system with oracle but couldn't deal with the heavy boxes and space issues placing them. I switched to and was perfectly happy with high end Nordost but eventually swithed to a complete Cardas Golden Ref. System and never looked back. With my Aerials and Theta gear it seemed like the perfect match.
I'll vouche for Joe (Not that he needs it) he's forgotten more about MIT than most of us will ever know.

We've done business in the past too and his prices are some of the best around.