MIT Cable preferences for Spectral

MIT's website indicates they sell separate lines in-store (Matrix, Oracle Matrix, Oracle MA) vs. on-line (Shotgun, Magnum, Oracle (3 levels, but not Oracle "Matrix"). Two different design technologies are said to be used. The in-store line is places the listener in the front row, or "in" the group. the on-line cables are optimized for imaging and soundstage - placing the listener in the ideal seat in the theater. I realize this may be a simple matter of individual taste, but I am curious as to: (1) what approach the Spectral-badged MIT cables use? (2) POV on whether either approach is significantly better for Spectral, or Wilson (Sophia) speakers?
I've used MIT in the past and though they were good. However, their product line is very large and confusing. Its hard to figure out what you need. If you are really interested in buying MIT, I would recommend calling The Cable Company. They will help you select the right cable for your system, and you can have them shipped to you for an in home demo.
Cable Company is an on-line store for MIT, so they didn't have the MA series , nor do they have the Matrix series

"Cable Company is an on-line store for MIT, so they didn't have the MA series , nor do they have the Matrix series"

Are you sure? Cable Company is the biggest cable dealer there is. I can't imagine that they wouldn't have access to the whole MIT line. Also, they're not just an online store. Ultra Systems is the other half of their business. Its a regular audio store with many different brands of components.
I believe there are two separate lines to keep online dealers from stepping on the feet of the brick and mortar sellers. It appears that the "available in stores" series features the latest MIT technologies.

I use cables from the online series purchased from Joe Abrams with my Spectral gear. Joe has offered great pricing and great service over the many years I've been doing business with him.

Spectral just updated their own cables. More details here: