MIT Burn In ?

I have burned in 2 sets of MIT Shotgun S3's IC's.It was a long drawn out process as I left cdp,preamp and amp on.I Just purchased a single Shotgun S3 Ic for center channel to amp.I was just reading on the MIT website that states"If burning in interconnects only, your amplifier does not have to be turned on—just source components."Does this mean I can connect the single IC to my cdp and play continuously with the preamp and amp off.I have read all the burn in threads but am still confused.And if that is the case can I use 2 cd players and hook a set of IC's to both and then hook one set to cdp on preamp and one set to tape on preamp and play both cdp's and leave the preamp and amp off and IC's will still burn in.Thanks
Hi Shaun,
As long as the interconnect are getting signal through them it will burn them in.
MIT break in is over 300 hours.
You can hook up two different CDPs to one preamp using different inputs on the pre and play both cd players on repeat to burn in your cables.
hope that helps
"You can hook up two different CDPs to one preamp using different inputs on the pre and play both cd players on repeat to burn in your cables."

Thanks for the response Buff.But can I leave the preamp and amp off or does the preamp have to be on?I have read that yes it has to be on and also no it does not have to be on so am looking for a little clarification on this.Thanks
I recall a thread here which went into this point at some length. The upshot of it was 'reportedly' once a set of ICs are attached to a source's output and then to the preamp, for instance, the preamp does not have to be on for the cables to eventually run in.

I recently bought a few cables for my HT setup. Baring this info in mind and having the time to do it, I followed this advice on one set and burned in the other set using my cable box + reciever, which I normaly use over a CD player as there is less wear on non moving devices.

there is no question the set run in 'actively' got THERE sooner than did the ones were I just left the source on but not the preamp/reciever.

Does the passive hook up alternative run in practice work? Perhaps. it is so slow though that IMO, it's not how I'd go about doing it if things are time sensitive.

just use a sat or cable box or tuner and run them into a reciever or int.... and let it/them play for ten days or so. Going with the passive route the burn in window is well past the ten days time frame.
I was sort thinking on the same path as you stated.I think it is wishful thinking that no preamp has to be on.I am going to call MIT to confirm but Joe Abrams whose is a vendor here says that the preamp needs to bel left on but the amp does not.Thanks.