MIT Bi-Wire Speaker Cable Question

I am using a internal bi-wired pair of MIT AVT3 cables with my speakers which use bi-wwireing. I am changing speakers and the new ones do not allow for bi-wiring. Can I just connect the positive high and low together and the negative high and low together and connect them to the speakers? Will this harm the internal cable network? I would rather not have to spend more money on a single wire pair of cables if I don't have to
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To avoid high capacitance, I would only use one of single runs and would isolate the other terminals.
Yeah I would do that but there is a network box and the low and high terminations come out of it. Also, there are other electronic parts inside the box (Zobel Network?).
I've had several pairs of MIT cables in the past. You won't do any damage by experimenting. I would try all 3 ways and just pick the one you like the sound of best. I would call MIT as well, and see what they say.
MIT themselves recommend that you tie the high's and low's together at the speaker end when using a biwired MIT cable with non biwired speaker..