MIT bashed, not Transparent, why?

First off, no name calling. Lets remember everybody hears things different but why is it that you see a lot of people downing MIT and not Transparent. (I have Transparent by the way)They are both "network" designed cables that are very expensive. I haven't tried the MIT in my system yet but I have heard it in demos that didn't sound bad.
Transparent originally distributed MIT until they figured that they could make a better product (or was it high profit?). Since MIT started out the use of "tuning networks", they are perceived as the primary company utilizing this concept. If Transparent were larger, I think you'd find similar opinions expressed about them. Through trial and error, we find what charateristics of an audio system are most important to us. Don't get caught up into the circus of who (magazine or individual) is saying what about a particular product. There will always be a better product, whether for more or less money, that will eventually replace the "preferred" component. Regrettably, we usually have to buy and live with products to determine their worth to us within the context of our system and room. Then again, especially with audio, the real joy is in the journey (for most of us), not the final destination. This forum is intended to assist other audiophiles through recommendations based on personal experience. Ultimately, use your own ears to find what you like. Sorry for the rambling.
Is MIT bashed so much because of their sound quality or because of what the cables do? Personnaly I love MIT.
Perfectimage You ask a question that is curious to me also. I really try to stay away from controversial issues concerning components since synergy is much more important than trying to ascertain whether a particular product on its own is worth its salt or not. I have commented on the effects of MIT speaker cables in my system and can only say that they offer by far the biggest improvement I have heard in speaker cables to date. That appreciation is greater with each passing day when listening to familiar recordings. I really think that there may be a sonic characteristic (relaxed and smooth)and maybe on the part of some that don't like MIT, that is not something their system needs. Maybe it is the fact that they have network boxes that some feel add unwanted colorations. All I can say is that those that have a system that lends itself towards a bright balance, particularly in the high frequencies, may find these cables to be the best solution and along the way may find out about other aspects of MIT that to my ears sets them apart, image placement, firmer bass and greater resolution of inner harmonic detail. The sound is more palpable, dynamic contrasts more real with a great jump factor without becoming edgy. That is what I hear and it is unmistakable in my system.
I think it is because of the market presence of MIT(all the way down to mass - fi stores). Familiarity breeding contempt. On a smaller scale, a similar thing happened with StraightWire and WireWorld. The market being saturated with the original brand will eventually produce people who hate the brand. The smaller company does not engender the same emotions, as similar as the products may be.
Maybe people have tried both and just prefer Transparent. It has been known to happen before. Even after breaking them in MIT just didn't work for me, they always seemed to put in some haze and smooth things out too much.
Great question no money - I've never seen a product that some people hate so much. I'm not questioning the reasons, I'm sure in most cases they are legimate opinions. I for one have used MIT in several different systems. I even had pre network cables that are better today than some of the competition. I use 330 shotgun ic's and did exstensive (for me) comparisons and found them to be far superior. There not warm and the highs aren't rolled off but smooth and natural. I've got them in a warm system already. They image like crazy, like no other cable I've heard. I have speaker cables too but I just bought Thiels and can't use them - biwire. I would love to hear them, I wish I could trade em cause I don't want to buy more right now - kids college tuition. I do think there way overpriced but I think that about all wire. But we're in a luxury hobby and paying luxury prices. Look at wine and ultra premium spirit prices! $55 for a 1.75L of Vodka, that's $175+ profit per case for the supplier, that's a fact! Fastest 2 growing categories in the industry. Sorry about the soapbox - I'm enjoying a cold bud.
I have MIT interconnects and speaker cable throughout my system, and I love the sound of them. Trust your ears.
I used to laugh at networked cables too, but then I bought some MIT, & then bought some more.
Also used to scoff at upgrade power cords (how could that possibly affect the sound?) but then I tried them, & then I bought some more. Ditto for footers & shelving, well you see the pattern here...
I agree with Bob Bundus. I thought MIT were strange, now I own them. A sub for audio a waste; now I own a REL; If you go back 15 years all CD player were about the same. I still thought that until 1995, now my CD player cost more than my whole old system did.
MIT is bashed because they are top dog. Most people who post here seem to want to "discover" the cable made by the one man company in the mountains that performs better than MIT for one tenth the price. Those people will be changing cables again in six months and their previous cable will be next to worthless. Synergy is important; but for the most part, you get what you pay for.
Well guys, I'm not a big on postings. But after making countless progressive decisions based on experiences and opinions of others' I'think its owed. Let me start by saying I have no experience with Transparent. I have 6yrs of countless MIT upgrades. My current rig consists of the Oracle V4. Everytime I've auditioned MITs on a "loaner" basis, I wind up keeping them. My entire system is wired with ICs,Speaker wire, All I can say is "MUSICAL BLISS". Go ahead do the homework, most of out there obviously have the financial resources, or you would not be in this hobby. Fortunately for me I've developed a relationship with my dealer locally which gives me some added perks,like taking demos home for a month to decide. You know, now that I think about it, I've never returned an MIT demo.
My experience is with MIT tails for Wilson Watts 5.1. I replaced Wilson Tails (Transparent Ultra cable) with MIT tails built for Wilson Watts. Difference is astounding, tighter bass, fuller image, quieter noise, details and resolutions without edgy. Well, for the price of the tail, the difference has to be day and night and it is.
I own several MIT cables, and think they are very musical.
On a related theme I also noitce that it is acceptable to use Bybee speaker & IC filters, but MIT network cables are
ridiculed.....seems like a double standard.
FYI for MIT owners or those considering - I just received some 750+ S3's back from the factory - they were being reconfigured from biwire to single wire for my Thiels. I was using Kimber 8TC in it's place and the improvement was just short of unbelievable. I was skeptical because 8TC is a fine cable, it does alot of things right. I did think the MIT's would be an improvement, but subtle - maybe real subtle. Was I surprised! Everything you want from a system improved dramatically but especially the soundstage - it just completely filled up, got deeper, more air between instruments, singers, blacker background, better clarity, smoooother and the low level information that I was missing is all over the place. Bass is tighter and fuller - it just sounds natural and right. I am also using 330 shotgun IC's from dac to pre and pre to amp so my thoughts are that to really get the full benefit of these cables the whole system should be wired up for synergy. And no I don't work for MIT so any knuckleheads who want to post that - don't! Also I know there is some excellent wire out there and any certain brand is not for every system. I do know that Thiels are a good match and boy did I ever prove that. I know MIT is expensive wire but one of these days I'm going to venture into the reference stuff when my system is higher rez and see what it can do! Happy listening!
I agree with you Pops, whenever using MIT or Tranaparent they seem to work better if you do the whole system. Glad to hear of your success.
I'll tell you Pops it can do plenty more. I tried those 750 S3 tube cables which got me on the MIT bandwagon in the first place. Came across the 770 Reference tube cables at a good deal and even a money back from the seller if I wasn't completely satisfied. The first listen I didn't hear much difference maybe because the cables were cold. The second listen dropped my jaw. Better soundstaging, better bass, more palpability. More of everything that the 750's do. I'm a Believer but not a Monkee. Don't ya just love all this hi-end accolading and dismissing? Go to your room MIT you roll off the highs. HA.
OH MAN! I don't know how much more palpability I can take, I remember from one of your prev. posts your impressions about 770's. It made me drool. I really need to up my preamp - big jump or I would definitely make the jump now, or maybe I'll just jump now, miss a couple of tuition payments for my kids and I can do both but get thrown out but I can take the rig, er what to do - DAMN THIS HOBBY!
I agree with teh majority here. I enjoy the MIT cabels very much and have never given back a demo pair. On the other hand, I have never heard transparent's cables so I guess I am not truly speaking from an open experience. Still, every time I try a new MIT product the sound is ever better.