MIT AVt 1 speaker cables

I just won a 8' pair of MIT AVt 1 in an online drawing. Does anyone have experience with these? I am currently using a bulk in-wall 14ga/4 copper wire and hope to hear some improvement - just don't know what to expect. Amp is a Rotel RB-1070 & speakers are Dynaudio Audience 52SE on Stand4 and coupled wiht an Adience Sub20A. Pre is a Rotel RC-1070 and source is Rega P7 TT. All comments welcomed
I love mine. I've used them on several amps and several speakers and have always appreciated their stable imaging and lively dynamics. They slightly favor treble over bass so they aren't an ideal match with everything - but then again, that applies to all cables. You'll just have to try them and see what you think.

I'm loving mine also. Did you read my review yet? It may not be the most indepth review out there but it might give you some idea of what to expect.