MIT 750's

Does anyone like the way these sound?
I have found that my MIT 330 SERIESII are finicky about placement, they work well in some paths and kill the magic in others, sorry I dont have info on the 750, just thought I would add my experience incase it is indicative of MIT technology in general.
I was pleased with mine, however, I use Spectral..
Worth a shot...what system you using?
I have a Rogue 99 Magnum pre amp a Sophia Electra 300b amp
and Klipsch khorns.
I don't know how MIT and horns work but I would think it would be a great match.
They are great! Pay $$$$$ today for the same sound with metal boxes!
As a long time MIT speaker cable owner which covers the MIT2 Bi-wire, MH-770+, T2 and others, the injection molded box midway along the cable that houses the Multipole components on the older series is what is susceptible to external vibrations.

I've had extremely good results/improvements on all the cables by spiking the boxes thru the carpet to the cement floor and then placing heavy weights on top of the boxes. Retaining the spikes but placing/attaching a Tekna-sonics C-5 vibration absorber on top of each box pays huge dividends as well but these are hard to find now.

One step better is to attach a 1/2" x6" x3" steel plate to the bottom of the box and spike that to the floor and even better is to remove the top cover on the box and place 1/4" x2" x1" steel plate strips between the edge of the inner compartment and the outer shell in addition to the spikes/bottom steel plate improves the bass definition and soundstage solidity immensely! This is most likely one reason why the big dawg MIT cables now use ~1/4" thick machined metal terminator boxes that weigh a ton.

At the least, try placing a weight on top of the box's, if they are sitting on carpet, spike them which is easily done with course thread drywall screws. Removing the top of the box is easily done with a C clamp with no damage. The steel strips/plates can be bought on-line at McMaster-Carr or On-line metals and the C-5's pop up for sale from time to time either here or Audio Asylum.

If you have further questions or need assistance, feel free to contact me as I have pics of all the above mods.