MIT 750 Magnum - opinions please

Ok, I got no response from the cable asylum so I'll try here. I've tried several cables over the years but find myself always going back to the MIT 750 (5-6 years old). I want to upgrade to the 750 Magnum....anyone out there have or tried these and wish to make a comment? Please!
Thanks in advance.
I have been a m.i.t dealer for years so my opinion comes with some bias towards m.i.t cables. the 750 magnum really should be in the oracle line. the magnum shares similar technology with oracle.It has the bottom end of v1 and and the top end extension of v4 or close to it.the 750 magnum is an excellent stopping point the the person that wants a high performance cable at an affordable price. if you prefer a laid back 3-D that has real depth to the soundstage presentation without an edge whatsoever than the 750 magnum is for you. if you have any more questions please feel free to call Eric @ 760 728 1453
If you can get into the V-4's, do it! If not the magnum offers big improvements over what you have now. Same sonic signature just more sound. Make sure the rest of your cables are MIT as well to take full advantage of the system. What components do you have in your system?
Thanks for your responses! Most do not respond when it comes to MIT...don't know why though. The rest of the system:
VMPS FF1 (bi amp)
Spectron Musician II (upper end)
B&K 202ST (lower end)
MIT 750 (upper end)
Analysis Plus Oval 9 (lower end)
Placette Audio (active pre)
Muse 8 transport
Muse 296 DAC
Cardas Golden Ref interconnects
PS300 power supply with various power cables

Thats all!
Sorry, not fimiliar with most of your equipment. How did you come across MIT products? I only ask because most MIT dealers carry the same electronics, Spectral,ML,Krell,Theta and Classe. These are the brands that match well with MIT. Be careful not to use the MIT power cords with the PS300. I dont know why people dont like MIT? It works the best in my system.
It's no surprise to me that you keep returning to MIT. After several very satisfied years running MH750+, I upgraded to solid state MH750 Magnum BiWire about 7 months ago. The newer MH750 was an improvement in every way; Vader's "same sonic signature, just more sound" is a good way to summarize the changes. It also comes with a lifetime guarantee. First thing noticable was a more 'natural' sound especially smoother vocals. Bass extension is improved, HF detail is cleaner, staging opened up wider & deeper. There were enough apparent system-voicing changes that I had to re-tweak some things like AC cords, cones & footers etc. to re-optimize the rig. None of these were radical differences and there were no associated sonic compromises. The buyer of my old MH750+ was thrilled with his upgrade too. I use Synergistic Resolution Ref. interconnects with active shielding & a mixture of various AC cords. Contact member Joeabrams for a great deal, wonderful product support, friendly courteous service, & a 30 day satisfaction guarantee. This endorsement comes from a satisfied customer with no business relationship to either MIT or to Joe. And just to put things into perspective, I used to laugh at the idea of 'networked' cabling until I demo'd the MH750+ at home. Not laughing anymore; especially since the latest upgrade.
While we are on the subject. How would you guys compare the magnum 750 to the 770 twin? Would you rate the magnum higher? I'm running Theta gear with Thiel speakers.
Hi Glen, wow tough comparison! I dont know for sure, I'm only guessing here but I have extensive experience with MIT cables so my guess is as good as anyone elses. I would say the would be very close, with the 770's edging out the 750's with the right equipment. Now the Oracle series is another story. Let me take the time to also endorse Joe Abrams with whom I've most recently done business with and aquired my V-3's. Wich I love (Joe if your reading). A great man, very honest, very helpful! good luck.....Vader
Vader. Thanks for the input. I was restling with that one myself for a while. In the end I could not pass on the twins for the same price as the magnums. I was very happy after the break-in period.
Hi Snegrah, I've been a satisfied MIT user for years and also, as mentioned above, always have come back. I was using pre-network musiclinks years ago and ventured into other cables while upgrading components for several years. I put the old musiclinks back in one day for the hell of it and my jaw hit the floor! Better bass, smoother, and what coherence! So I upgraded to 330's impedance series and 750+S-3's and now I'm using 330 shotguns and same 750's with CJ,classe and thiels with great satisfaction. I've considered upgrading the 750's (cause I'm nuts) but need to upgrade the preamp first. BTW, believe it or not the MIT 2 pc works best on my classe ca200 also - better than sr master and eel which I use also on other components. Good luck.