MIT 330 Series 2....better choices from DAC?

I have these from the Theta DAC to the Sonic Frontiers Pre, and I see alot of mixed views of these, in the past I have moved them around in diffrent spots and it has killed the signal in some variations, it seems to mate well after the DAC but having gone through the synergy surf I am suspect of this cable.....for where I have it and my gear it is directly involved with...what do you guys think of it or other ideas...I am broke so no bank breaking ideas please!
thanks Chad
I prefer the coherency and tonal qualities of MIT, always have. In my experience with many models of MIT, including yours, it is better to have the entire system wired with MIT. I also think I/C's make a bigger impact on the sound than speaker cables...that is with regard to MIT. I have mixed and matched but my system sounds best with all MIT. You mention you are on a budget, the higher up the line you go the more resolution you get and other traits become more prominent, tons of used MIT's out there. If I was going to stretch for one it would be something in the 350 series. Thats where you really start to get some excellent performance....