Mit 2 terminator bi wired need help now.

Ok I have the Mit 2 terminator bi wired for my center speaker which was for a kef refference 100. I just upgrade to the martin logan theater i. My problem is that the Ml are not set up for bi wired use. what do i do? can I just use half of the cables, what half the high out put or the low out put. Can I get these cables worked over so they will end with spades. Or will I need to get a new set with the correct end. thanks
You don't really have a problem. Just stack the reds together and the blacks together. This will still sound better than a single-wired T2 would have.
Aren't those cables equipped with terminations that screw on and off, allowing you to switch between bananas and spades? If so, just buy spade end terminations from MIT and double up the spade ends on the single speaker terminal.
thanks i know what to do now. what i will do is just switch one ofthe ends to a spade conection and tis way i can biwire it.
You should double up the ends. Won't hurt at all.

If that drives you crazy then sell them and get a used single pair. You may be able to sell the biwire pair for more than a used single pair, so you'll maybe make a profit, LOL!
When I had Paradigm Studio CC V2 I had a set (non-biwire) of MIT T2 wire. Tried different combinations of jumpers, using the stereo pair as bi-wire etc, but got better results on both voice and music with a simpler more modern cable. Very best results were Pure Note Cerulean. Your Martin Logan an exceptionally nice CC, deserves cabling to match, let us know how it all works out, good luck, Mike.