How do these 2 cables compare,
especially in the highs?
For the terminator cables, the lower the number the better the cable. If the price is not an issue get the MIT-T2. The 1999 version T2s are on clearance at
The new 2000 version T2s (called T2-2K or something) has the former MH-750-S2 junction boxes, so even better. The Terminator 3-2K has the old 1999 T2 boxes, so really the same as the old T2s you can get at I have a pair of those 1999 T2 Bi-Wire and love-em. MIT cables area kind of pricey new, but the AudioAdvisor ones are less than 50% original MSRP.
I tried Harmonic Technology Pro-11 8 foot single run and a 8 foot single run of Kimber 8TC.I went with the MIT T-2 biwire 8 feet with I-Conn bananas.The HT and 8TC sounded very similar with the HT having slightly better bass and were a bit smoother.The MIT are as good in the bass as the HT and even smoother and more relaxed in the upper mids without losing detail.I'd go with the T-2's if I were you.