Mistral audio speakers, any opinion ?

Hi everybody,

Did anyone hear a Mistral speakers ?
It is a Chinese(Chinese-UK?) company being presented in US by Napa Acoustic.

I listened to A2 and was pretty amazed for the quality of sound given their price range.
They also have much more expensive SAG series, which share a similar look with B&W Nautilus. Don't know much about their sound.

Does anyone have any experience with those Mistral speakers, any line from A2 and above ?

P.S. I was really amazed by Mistral's sonic quality. Build materials are "simple". It is definitely not a SF with their real wood masterpiece work, but
the sound was great.
I just purchased a pari of the Mistrial B&W 802 look like for about $1500 USD after extensive audition. They are very nice speakers for the finish and money and i will rank them higher than any speaker in this price range. I have a pair of KEF Q900 and have compare the Mistrial to the real B&W 802 D-2. No question, the D-2 has better definatina and stage but the Mistrial is very nice for quality, defination, and image of sound. A bit strong on the base side, otherwise need a solid amp to drive them. I am very happy with them and will trade in my Q900. I drive them with Monster power 2250.
We bought SAG 350s last year from Napa Audio. They are fantastic for the price. We have them in a room that is a little too small for their size, and can't wait to finish our remodeling when they will have real pride of place.
Hello guys.   
Regarding the inquiries about the Mistral sag 350s. 

I recently picked up pair with boxes dirt cheap. I read reviews from people who haven’t heard them but seem to be knowledgeable. Mostly negative 
Well, let me tell you, these things are amazing speakers for the price.

A very open, transparent and detailed soundstage with excellent bass. Very dynamic. Full range. 
They blow my Polk LSIM707s away. 
Pictures don’t do these speakers any justice. They are absolutely georgous. 
Another sign of a great speaker of course is the heft and let me assure you that they are very heavy and well made. 
If you get a chance to pick up a pair, do it.