Mistral audio speakers, any opinion ?

Hi everybody,

Did anyone hear a Mistral speakers ?
It is a Chinese(Chinese-UK?) company being presented in US by Napa Acoustic.

I listened to A2 and was pretty amazed for the quality of sound given their price range.
They also have much more expensive SAG series, which share a similar look with B&W Nautilus. Don't know much about their sound.

Does anyone have any experience with those Mistral speakers, any line from A2 and above ?

P.S. I was really amazed by Mistral's sonic quality. Build materials are "simple". It is definitely not a SF with their real wood masterpiece work, but
the sound was great.
Anybody ? :-)
Anybody (take 2)
I just purchased a pari of the Mistrial B&W 802 look like for about $1500 USD after extensive audition. They are very nice speakers for the finish and money and i will rank them higher than any speaker in this price range. I have a pair of KEF Q900 and have compare the Mistrial to the real B&W 802 D-2. No question, the D-2 has better definatina and stage but the Mistrial is very nice for quality, defination, and image of sound. A bit strong on the base side, otherwise need a solid amp to drive them. I am very happy with them and will trade in my Q900. I drive them with Monster power 2250.
We bought SAG 350s last year from Napa Audio. They are fantastic for the price. We have them in a room that is a little too small for their size, and can't wait to finish our remodeling when they will have real pride of place.