Misterio: Water Lily Acoustics vs. Audioquest


I own a copy of Misterio by Strunz & Farah on Water Lily Acoustics. The product number is WLA-CS-08-CD. I've noticed that this disc is no longer available from Water Lily Acoustics and, instead, is now on the Audioquest label as product number AQ-CD1002.

Can anyone tell me if these two discs are identical other than the Water Lily Acoustics/Audioquest labeling or were there differences in the production and manufacture of these two cds?

The recording was sponsered by Audioquest. Originally was released as LP not a CD. It was never availble in CD format from Waterlily.
Hello Hhh,

Thank you for your response.

However, I would like to inform you that the Misterio recording by Strunz & Farah was, in fact, available from Water Lily Acoustics. I know this because I have a copy of this disc. It clearly states on the front of the cd booklet that Water Lily is the manufacturer. This is also clearly stated on the information on the back of the cd case as well and the cd itself is labeled as a Water Lily Acoustics product. It also has a different product number from the Audioquest version.

If you search for Misterio on the Acoustic Sounds website they will show you a picture of the cd that shows the Water Lily front cover. Look for Misterio on Amazon.com and they will show you the Audioquest front cover. Both websites list this disc with the Audioquest product number though, and not the Water Lily Acoustics product number.

For more proof that this disc was, at one time, available from Water Lily Acoustics you can find this disc listed on Water Lily's website. Take a look:


This is how the listing appears on their website:

Strunz & Farah — Misterio — Acoustic guitarists Jorge Stunz and Ardeshir Farah bring together musical elements from their native South America and the Middle East, respectively.

To make matters more interesting though, Water Lily includes in the product number for their compact discs a cd designation. For example,(WLA-CS-02-CD) refers to the Jose Neto — Mountains & the Sea cd. The product code on my cd copy of Misterio is WLA-CS-08 though, without the cd designation on the end.

Can anyone else out there shed more light on whether or not there exists any differences between these two cds besides the name of the manufacturer?

I'd like to make a correction from my previous post.

I stated that my cd copy did not have a cd designation on the end of the product code. However, it does have this designation. It is WLA-CS-08-CD. The cd designation is not stated on Water Lily Acoustics website.

I know I'm not dreaming, and that I do, in fact, have a Water Lily Acoustics version of this cd rather than the Audioquest copy. Does anyone else out there have a Water Lily Acoustics version of this cd to prove I'm not crazy?

Thanks again!
I have an Audioquest copy, and I seriously doubt they would have remastered an existing, highly praised, digital file.

Don't know about the Waterlily version, but I find my CD rather underwhelming sonically given the hype - nothing terrible, but not as special as I expected - maybe a small step above similar Windham Hill stuff.
My copy also has the product code WLA-CS-08.
The front sleeve says:
Strunz & Farah'
Then the dancing lady picture
And 'Water Lily Acoustics' at the bottom.

Inside sleeve says 'produced and recorded by Kavi Alexander.'
Back says 'Co-produced and funded by audioquest'

I think the sonics are quite good, but I prefer the music on 'Americas'
Yes, it sounds like you and I have the same thing! I really like this disc so I'll have to give 'Americas' a try. Thanks for the tip!

Now, does anybody know if there is a sonic difference between the Audioquest and Water Lily Acoustics version of this cd?