Mistake to change from Spectrum (Coaxial) to Fios (Fiber optical)???


I changed from Spectrum to Verizon Fios today, my sound is now terrible, everything is missing including the bass.
My Martin Logan Montis lack bass and poor stage, 2nd system with Raidho speakers is far worse.

Spectrum using a coaxial cable from street pole to modem, Fios using optical.

Have I made a mistake? Are there any solutions or do I need to change back to Spectrum using coaxial?

Thanks for your input.

OK, TV sounds bad. Do you stream music through Spectrum or do you have a dedicated streamer?
The TV sound is fine. TV is not an issue, its streaming music via optical cable is the problem.
I use Roon & stream Tidal (master), hardwired from modem, router to Auralic Aries G2 and on.
Maybe the new equipment needs burnin time? I will know in a few days.

I had an excellent sound with Spectrums "coaxial cable". Fios use a "optical cable", sound is not good.
I don't about burnin. I have Fios to a Verizon router to Bluesound Node2i and sound is superb.

Have you called Verizon?
Maybe there are settings for your router that Verizon tech support would know. Just a guess.
I do not have FIOS. Can you log into the modem? Try switching to PCM if Auto is selected in the audio settings.
Auralic is just a streamer? You have external DAC?

Potentially some incompatibility between the Auralic and your what I assume is your new Modem/Router?  If a new Modem/Router, since you have it hard wired, and throw in a DAC there, there could be some electrical issue and that seems more likely.

When you have digital streaming issues, you have drop-outs. You don't lose bass and you shouldn't have sound-stage issues unless your Auralic is doing something strange. 
Do a speed test so you know if you are as fast as your prior connection is. When I went from 25mbs ATT DSL to 300 mbs ATT fiber, sound got better. When I move to 1 gbs ATT fiber sound improved a bit more for sure. I have no experience with Spectrum. But I can say that moving from DSL over a telephone wire to fiber is better. In my area, you get much more speed for your money versus Spectrum.
To follow up, I changed back to (Spectrum) "Coaxial cable" a few days ago. Note: I'm referring to the cable that runs from the street utility pole to house/ modem. Verizon Fios use a fiber optic, ( I overlooked this when I changed cable companies). Increasing the internet speed of the fiber optic did improve the sound but still not as good as coax.
There is audible difference between the two cables, I find the coaxial delivers a superior sound to fiber optical. I stream Tidal.
An audible difference is evident on my Martin Logan Montis speakers and more so on my Raidho D3's. Noticeable differences such as a finger snap to plucking a guitar, depth of piano etc.