Missouri Tornado prayers go out to all

Missouri Tornado: Churches Coming Together to Pray and Help Victims..if there are any members from Joplin MO my prays go out to you and to all others,..
Amen to that! We get so caught up in our dailey lives we lose perspective. It can all be gone in just a few seconds.
Fellow Gon'r Mofimadness lived through one about three years ago, his home was heavily damaged but by some miracle his vinyl collection room was left intact. He got a new system thanks to insurance, but insurance could never have replaced his extensive and rare collection. Or a good friend.
My prayers to all who suffer these disasters. It seems like this year has brought more than it has in the past.
Amen again. Very very sad to hear
Adding my amen and prayers to the above messages.
That was something horrible..dam i always hated tornadoes. Lets pray for the families.
A terrible tragedy! We were hit here as well (Minneapolis) by the same storm system that caused the devastating destruction in Joplin. Now news of more deaths in Oklahoma today.
I'm truly saddened, as all of us are, by these events. RIP for those who lost their lives. Sincere condolences but also best wishes and hope for the future for the survivors!
Terrible weather this year. Prayers to the flood victims as well.
I have heard two things; it will take at least two years to restore the primary services - schools, govt. department buildings, etc. Also, the majority of people have been housed temporarily, due to the kindness of others, in friends and relative's homes. May these people be restored in time and be living proof of the power of the love of our neighbor.
These situations make all our problems seem so small. Quick healing and recovery to all who have suffered so much.