Missong Audio Range....

First, I am not all that knowledgeable in things HT technical. But, since getting my PS3 I sure have enjoyed the audio portion of Blue Ray discs more than any DVD before it. The latest Die Hard was simply amazing in my "HT"...AMAZING!

Now, this past weekend I purchased Iron Man and expected the same crazy audio experience, but, the was a rather large hole in the frequency range...

Is sounded if it was between say 40 and 100 cycles. Or, put it another way, from just above where the sub kicked in to the lower ends of the human voice...

Bottom line, this condition turned the audio/movie experience into a real bland event...My only thought is the BR DVD was "True HD" but my Pioneer Elite HT Receiver does not decode that format...(you can see my HT equipment on my "system")..

Any expert out there care to help me out on this? Is there anything I can do short of upgrading to a new HT receiver with the latest technology??

Thanks to you all!

It doesnt have anything to do with format, your unit should just play the standard Dolby Digital signal, how is audio hooked up via HDMI or other connection?
In your reciever check your menu to make sure your crossover isnt set to say 100hz while sub cut off could be much lower that could be one reason this is happening.
Example: If your sub is set to 40hz cut off and speakers on reciever are set to roll off at 100HZ, there is your missing info.
I had the same experience with Iron Man. It looks as though Iron man only has the HD codecs. They didn't include the standard codecs with this movie for some stupid reason. My PC just sends it out as a 2 channel down sampled signal. This is the reason it sounded bland.

You'll need either a source unit(dvd player) that outputs True HD codecs from the 7.1 analog outputs,so you can run them into your receiver's multi channel inputs. Or you'll need a newer HT receiver.
I watched I.M. and heard nothing but great sound, bass was great (I have seen others say its too much) but it was niether lean or too boomy.
Not sure what was going on there Chadnliz. My copy clearly had no DTS or Dolby digital on the disc. It did have the new formats..I take that back..all the other languages like Spanish, Portuguese and French had standard Dolby digital or DTS encoded on the disc. No English...for some strange reason.

I've had a few other movies that were also the same way. I guess they expect the English speaking countries to already have equipment that can play the newer codecs..who knows?