Mississippi John Hurt

What is his better recorded CD or LP's? Any suggestions?
I really enjoy an older release in stereo via Vanguard label entitled "MISSISSIPPI JOHN HURT - TODAY! - accompanying himself on guitar" . Copyright is 1966, Vanguard VSD-79220-B (XSV 140519). Maybe difficult to
find(?) but amazingly, sounds quite good. I do not know if it has been re-released in any other media. Tracks include: Pay Day, I'm Satisfied, Candy Man, Make Me a Pallet on the Floor, Talking Casey, Corrinna..Corrinna, Coffee Blues, Louis Collins, Hot Time in the Old Town Tonight, If You Don't Want Me -Baby, Spike Driver's Blues, Beulah Land. I'll be watching this thread for tips on other quality works by Mr Hurt so that I might increase my collection of his wonderful works.
Vanguard remastered (in 20 bit digital with DCS equipment) and released a three CD set of his three studio LPs for them.
Vanguard 181/3. Excellent sound and superb music.
If you're a fan of Mississippi John (which I sure am), you might also want to listen to Bill Morrissey's Songs of Mississippi John Hurt, a 1999 release on Philo. It's a very well done set of covers sung in Bill's creaky yet haunting voice, backed by a first-rate acoustic band, and the sound is sensational.
Also check out "Avalon Blues", a tribute album from a few years ago with a variety of artists. It's really excellent and it has very good sound.
Sit, thanks for your recommendation on VSD-79220. I have a really nice 2LP set you might watch out for. Recorded at Oberlin College in 1965, it's titled "The Best of Mississippi John Hurt" but it's not a compilation, it's a live performance. Vanguard VSD 19/20. Both performance and sound quality are excellent.

In fact, I think I'll go put this on the 'table next...
If you want the good stuff, the Piedmont sessions from the late 50s' recordings on the Piedmont label of course.