Mission Volare V63

Has anyone experienced the sound of these speakers. I have an older set of Misson Freedoms and they have a very tight sound well put together. I was impressed with the European speaker. I could not use my older speakers for home theater but analog works super. Because of the sound it led me to purchase a set of the Mission Volare 63s without listening (not a swift move). I am using a B&K 507 Series II Amp and use Audioquest cabling throughout. I really began noticing a not so smooth sound but not sure if its the AMP or Speaker? My older amp was one of the first generation of HK but I wanted to up and go to more of the home theater and digital sound. Did I make a bad choice on both the amp and speaker. I have been eye-balling the Sonus Fabers Grand Piano series speakers and have been for a few years. They are a bit pricey and not what you call purchase for you medium consumer. I believe I have made a good choice in DVD (Denon 3910) and Sub (Velodyn DD10) just questioning Speaker vs. Amp....

Any insight is greatly appreciated.
I briefly owned a pair of the V63s and I returned them after a couple of months. I found the midrange to be overwhelmed by the high and low ends to the point where some recordings sounded very hollow. I also had a problem with the design of the speaker itself. I crumpled two tweeters - both were crushed because the plastic domes extend beyond the front of the enclosure and are completely unprotected by the grills.