Mission speakers

To you who have knowledge of the Mission speaker company.
What are their best speakers? large bookshelves.
I am not familiar with their latest but the 770 were pretty good sounding...a classic. One of the first of many to use polypropylene cones.
I didnt know that,thanks,Bob
M 72 is very good stock. I worked up a pair with Auricaps, Audioquest Type 6 cable, rope caulked the corners and they turned into very capable speakers. They get the vocals mostly right, acoustic piano attack was respectable and bass quick enough. After the upgrades everything stepped up alot. For $350 stock, hard to beat.
782's. I still have a pair. That was when Cyrus owned them. The 782's go down about 1/2 octave lower than the original 770's which is another great one. The 781's (slightly smaller) are also very good but not at higher volume levels.
I highly recommend the 761i. A really fine bookshelf speaker, with dual woofers and a center tweeter, 90db/8ohms. I have had several pairs of these and they never cease to surprise me with how good they sound. They show up periodically on e-bay and typically sell for under $200!
The 751 freedom was an excellent monitor introduced around 1993, updated to freedom version in 1998. The 751 was Missions top of the line monitor, replacing the original 761i and original 780. There are later versions of the 780 (and 782?) that failed IMO to capture the midrange of the original Missions.

I still have a pair of 731i for a second system - hard to beat for the price.