Mission Speaker Repair in Minnesota

Hello! I have a pair of Mission 765 speakers, and the crossovers are in need of repair. I lose sound at times when the binding posts are moved slightly. It is bad enough now that I have to move them just to get any sound at all from one of the speakers. In addition to a simple repair, it would be nice to update the components in the crossovers (capacitors, etc), since they are 30 yrs old. Are there any reputable shops in Minnesota that I could trust to perform this work?

Thank you,
Jeff at Savage Audio or Casey Gooby (works through Willies American Guitars), also Chris at Twin Town Guitars in Minneapolis. Any of these three are MORE than qualified to work on these/ rebuild the crossovers. All three of them have done work for me and I would not hesitate to recommend any of them for this kind of thing or for tube amp repair. Nothing wrong with Midwest, though...