Mission 774, one of the best?

I friend of mine has this table and to be quite honest, it is quite amazing to say the least. Not that I have heard as many tables as some but whomever designed it put some serious thought into it. The tonearm that is on his table was the tonearm that preceeded the Mechanic. I do not know how much these tables went for initially but I have never seen one come up for sale. The only downfall with a table like this is where would one find parts? Has anyone else heard this table and if so, what are your thoughts on it?
I don't know anything about them, but it appears they were made by the same company as the Zeta tonearm. Maybe if your thread said Mission tonearm, or Mission turntable, it may stir
up some memory. I thought it was for a speaker at first.
I use to sell both the 774 and Zeta but never heard they were made by the same company; the original 774 had a detachable arm tube and was quite different from some of the later ones. Maybe it was the later ones which were made by the same company as the Zeta, I had stopped selling Mission by that time. They also had a cool looking solid state amp with a heat sink that spelled 'MISSION".
Dear Tzh21y: I never had the opportunity to heard it but if has the same quality level than its tonearm The Mechanic ( that I own. ) then I have no doubt was and is very good TT.

here you can read something about along its price on 1983:


Regards and enjoy the music,
the mission table and tonearm are classics. very rare too.
Is that the one that was designed by John Bicht, who went on to found Versa Dynamics?
Viridian, That is correct
Actually, the arm is made by a company called GB Tools. I never heard of them.
Yes, they also made the Zeta arm. It may be more well known overseas.[http://www.vinylengine.com/library/zeta.shtml]
They don't seem to have any other brands tied to them at their time back them. Also, according to people on the net, no source for parts. I remember the ads, but no hands on that I can remember.

I was thinking of the 774lc:

The 774LC is Mission's entry level arm, designed and built by Jelco in Japan.

Features of the arm include height adjustment, calibrated tracking force and anti-skate, and a hydraulic arm lifter.
He said what he has is the top of the line and probably the best Mission table they ever made. All I can say is it sounds amazing. huge soundstage, very solid images, best tracking I have ever heard. I have never seen one come up for sale here so they must be pretty rare. Unfortunate because I could certainly live with it a very long time
Actually the table is a 775sm, the arm is a 774sm.