Mission 765 vs 765i - how do they compare?

I currently own a pair of Mission 765 speakers that I absolutely love. I was looking at a pair of 765i speakers, but I have not heard them. I do not have a chance to demo them, but I was wondering if anyone has experience with both models? Are they comparible enough to run as a line array together?

Please chime in with your experience of either, especially if you've heard both!

I haven't heard 765 vs but i have a pair of 765i .
i think in this range it is good ( neutrality & textur ...)
but its strongly depend to amp matching . i have a little
hoom in bus ( whith onkyo integra 817ex ) but whith a better amp ( that i heared before ) it is moor different
and better !
I have a pair and they conform to the claimed freq. response well. They will get down to 24hz but do roll off. Very high power handling, natural with a sharp edge. Very clean. Not good for hip-hop but who cares. As with all good speakers, they perform best at low to med. volumn levels. You could listen to these at very, very low volumn at 3 A.M and hear things you never heard before. And the sign of a great system is the ability to resolve fine details at low levels. These speakers will.