Mission 761i Speakers

Anyone heard these speakers? I can't find much info on them, but I have a pair and I think they sound great...any thoughts?
I feel the same about some 765's I bought in 89,never heard yours,but they are very good even now as I compare them to my merlins,take care,Bob
The Mission 761i were the previous model to the Mission 731i speakers. I heard them first in 1992, when they were being replaced by the 731 together with the rest of the Mission line up. I fell in love with Missions top of the line monitors at the time (the 751), which I bought several years later.

We still have have the 751s as our main speakers (see my system). Also we have a pair of 731i's in out second system. Both are wonderful speakers with a great midrange.

If you need some more info on the 761i, I have the manual that came with the 731i, which also includes the 761i speakers. I could send you a scanned pdf copy if you are interested.

Enjoy your Mission speakers.

Here are PDF-manuals and spec-sheets for (discontinued) Mission speakers. Hopes this helps....