Mission 753 Floorstanders?

I have a pair of Mission 753 Floorstanders sitting in my basement. I bought them 20 years ago but have not used them in 10 years. I see no threads or interest here in Mission speakers. Does anyone have info or opinions on how Mission is viewed in the audio world?

I assume that they are of a quality lower than what the typical Audiogon poster would ever use. Thanks.
I think my Mission 761i bookshelf spks. are fantastic. Beautiful mids/treble. I would think your 753's are exceptional spks as well. (I have always wanted to own the Freedom 752's. One day I hope.) I reached the point where I know what sounds good (Enough) and if it costs little $, so much the better. Bill
It is a misconception that gear has to have a "name". If it sounds good to you, then that's all that matters.

Enjoy your Mission speakers.
Mission was a respectable product just not super high end. I would say better than "mid-fi" also... just not very visible product at the moment. Big in late 80's early 90's.
Interesting. Thanks for the comments. My wife does not want Floorstanders in our living room so they are consigned to the basement for now. I haven't listened to them in a long time but remember them as being good on a lot of different types of music.
Ahhh Missions. My first what I considered to be my first affordable audiophile speaker. Personally I think the original 770 was the start of affordable audiophile speaker. From there they had good and bad. I was ready to pull the trigger on a set of 765's when my local asked me to wait because he was getting a new Cyrus/Mission line. The 78x series. Well I'm really glad I waited an extra 3 weeks. I ended up with the 782 monitors which didn't sound as nasally as the 765's, smoother highs and although not as deep of bass a much less muddied bass. Best of all they retailed for 800 vs 1500 for the 765's. The only speaker I liked better at that time frame was the B&W matrix 3's but couldn't step up to the 2500 window sticker. Still have the 782's today but haven't listened to them in 3 years.

From some things I've read current mission speakers seem to be a surprising good value for the money although I no longer have any local mission dealers for me to verify that.

So my experience is that most the missions were a very good speaker value back in the day.
the mission 753 is a keeper.
My first truly great sounding system was a pair of Mission 717's, driven by a really nice Yamaha receiver and a B&O Beogram 3404 turntable. I bought it all in the autumn of 1982, and enjoyed the music through the Missions until 1997, when I "upgraded" to my current Vandersteens. From what I remember, the Missions were wonderful speakers, true to the music and non-fatiguing. My LP collection of classic rock, blues, and jazz got along quite well with the Missions and the rest of the gear.
I bought these while living in Greece after just graduating from college in 1992. Somehow I ended up buying the Missions and Celestion SL6si's within 6 months of each other. I still listen to the Celestions and have not bought anything since. It's amazing how long quality speakers will last.
A buddy of mine tried to sell me his 767s several years back, I've never quite shaken the thought that I should have taken him up on them. They were VERY nice speakers ...arguably one of the best I've heard in a home environment. I've never listened to 753s, but I suspect they are "special" as well, certainly not "mid-fi". I think Mission has always had a weaker following in the States than Europe, maybe they just aren't marketed well enough here.
...bottom line is, I don't think your speakers are below the Audiogon crowd in the least. Enjoy them!

I might buy them at the right price. Never heard them but always wanted to. I own three pairs of Missions: the 70's (about $100 new 30 yrs ago) the 752s (about $800 20 yrs ago) and finally got another pair of 770s (Mark I, I bought the Mark II for $500 used 30 yrs ago that I had to trade b/c a woofer was bad, and a month ago I found a good condition Mark I for $500 and they are in perfect working condition and I have been drinking them in ever since they arrived). As another post kind of put it, the 770s are the closest thing you can get to $5K speakers for $1K. The 752s are attractive and sound good on chamber music and piano and (to a lesser extent on) voice, but they are lightweights in the lower ranges. The 770s murder them to death on all counts. Even the little 70s are better with a good subwoofer than the 752s were. I have read that the 753s have the grip and authority that the 752s lack. And the 753s tweeters are less techie than the 752s, and perhaps sound better. My only problem is, could the 753s be in any way better than my 770s? Or even my little 70s with a subwoofer (BK)? I doubt it.
Does anyone know if Mission is still in business? I am having a heck of a time finding anyone who can answer this... Any email I have been able to find for the company isn't active.. Thanx...
Yes, they are still in business.

Mission speakers are one of the best value in the industry. They don't sound British.
Mission is a brand name owned by some holding company no more. no less.