Mission 717

Picked up a pair if these white faced speakers for $10 and they sound pretty good.Any thoughts and opinions on equipment to use with these? Thanks for any suggestions.
I use a vintage Sansui au 7700 amplifier with my Mission Cyrus 781 and the result are very good...The refined british speakers are in love with the organic  Sansui... Match so good that I forget upgrading and listen music like in heaven...We dont upgrade heaven...But remember after buying your amp. that cleaning the electrical grid of the house and the audio grid that this is the KEY to audiophile sound,not buying some new product...
I recently found a pair of clean Mission 727s for my daughter and son-in-law.  Very pretty speakers with the wood box and white motorboard face.  A local craigslist deal at $125.

They sound pretty good connected to my 45 tube SET monoblocks.
They sound very good with my EL34 SE amp.
They sounded great played through a restored 1959 Harman Kardon Trio integrated amp (EL84).
And they sounded freaking awesome after I replaced the xover caps with new poly caps (total cost = $12 plus 2 hours time).

Highly recommended