Driven to distraction by the petty nonsense on some other threads I've decided to ask a pertinent question. Do Audiogon members check out new music? I guess everybody's interested in new technology and improved products/tweaks whatever... But how much time do you spend experimenting in what you listen to? Do you check out latest releases or are you happy exploring music you've found and loved? I see quite "conservative" tastes on music-which is fine I like a lot of classic rock,jazz,folk,soul from all era's but I do search out newer genres and releases. I'm also prepared to buy stuff from any era that appears quality or at least interesting. Not meaning to generalise but is the average audiophile less open-minded about new music or challenging their tastes? .I wonder on average how many releases from this year you've all bought. I'd be interested to hear...discuss Ben
Ben, another thought on music, much like other things in life, not everyone is looking for the same thing. Some seek peace and relaxation in music....while others are looking for something more exciting or an exploration/expansion of their knowledge/experience in music. There are likely people that enjoy the gear as much or more than the music their components play...and that is good...perhaps very good. These people help keep the supply of high-end used components flowing here on AudiogoN.
Whatjd..no I agree I think that's great whatever keeps people happy-if you've got a $50k system and a dozen CD's that's your choice. I've got everything form Queen,Springsteen,Macy Gray,Zep,Floyd,Bruckner,George Michael,Miles Davies,Can to Magnetic Fields...I'm on a few mailing lists of obscure artists and I hate that musical snobbery "oh it's not hip.."-I am just interested to see how people who are audio enthuasists develop their musical tastes and their buying habits.... Regards, Ben
I don't have the time to check out new music- but wish I did. Since my system has improved, I am appreciating a lot of stuff all over again- particularily my early '60's Blue Note Jazz collection- new appreciation for Wayne Shorter's 'Speak no Evil'; Horace Silver (rocks on piano); etc., etc. Anyways, I also appreciate one of the above responses that mentions recording quality. I must admit, upon hearing better-recorded discs, I get spoiled, and want everything to be that good (sigh...). Re: the original question though, yah, its tough to just pay $$ for 'trying' music I've never heard before- what if you don't like it? An FM tuner is a cool idea to aid the 'discovery' process as well (will hopefully save up for Magnum Dynalab 102 one day...). Further on this point- does anyone know the best searchable web-site where you can hear a couple minutes of each track (without having to download anything)??
The best way to find new music is on large music store sites like Amazon.com Go to a CD you like and find what other people who bought that CD bought, and see lists of other suggested groups you would like. Every CD has real audio samples and each time you go to new CD new lists appear. You will discover many new groups you like and have never heard of. This can be dangerous to your pocketbook though.
Somehow music, like cinema, has limited new offerings worthy of delving into. Exceptions, fortunately, exist. I purchase excessive amounts of cds and vinyl, often used, and usually too often. Of new release, I enjoy PJ Harvey┬┤s album, which I found on vinyl. Jazz releases and re-releases are plentiful. Occassionally, some deserving attention. Always good classical. Arthur Rubenstein has not only a huge box set of much of his works, they are selling individually. Done up beautifully. Locally, we have a radio station with a large library of new releases. Beyond all of this (I wish I could recall some of the new releases I purchased), I still find myself tossing Dylan, Peterson, Gershwin, Hendrix, and the other die-hards on for a spin. Lots of new music to appreciate, but the familiar are, well, still the familiar.