Missing Stereophile Issues???

For the last 4 months, my Stereophile magazines stopped appearing in my mailbox and I thought I was the only one with this problem, an isolated incident. Standard replies from Stereophile are merely promises of further subscription extension. What is the point of these extensions when the magazine stop coming???

AND I just found out from my local hifi forum that I'm not alone. Others have not seen theirs for months as well. Perhaps we are located outside of the US?

Anyway, my thought is that we should all terminate the subscription and get back the remaining refunds. I'm makign this known in Asia and please spread the word to people you know who are affected as well.

Thanks for the chance to rant here.
So we want the mag but we will all cancel? Lol, nice try. I get mine just fine as does my father. Cheers
If you have no issue with the subscription then why cancel in the first place?

Of course, if you are in our position and love to be tested for patience, keep on waiting then. This is no way to treat your customers.
Is it Stereophiles fault for not sending the magazines or the various postal services that are supposed to deliver the magazine? I'm not clear on this!
Aimail, slow boat to China (literally)?
Stereophile offers no explanation unfortunately.
Why don't you see if there is an on-line issue you can subscribe to?
Someone at your local post office must be an audiophile. Sorry, hope you get it resolved, but mass cancellations by people who get theirs regularly is NOT the answer.
If you're not happy just cancel your subscription.
This of course will appeal to those who have been waiting for months to get theirs and got brushed again. Of course I cancelled mine and so did my friend.
I didnt and wouldnt for a stranger.
I had this same issue a few years ago and found it was the person delivering the mail. He was not delivering some magazines in our area. They found them in the trunk of his car and in his home. He said they were just too heavy for him to deliver. I did get my missing magazines back just all at the same time. You should make sure it is the magazines fault before canceling your subscription.
Yes, got busy and I let my subscription expire! Renewed though!